Can Daniel Burrus Help You Build an Anticipatory Organization?

Can Daniel Burrus help you build an Anticipatory Organization?Can Daniel Burrus help you build an Anticipatory Organization?

What you do know about what’s coming in your markets? Could you help your clients see and anticipate where new opportunities can be created in their markets?  I’d like to introduce you today to Daniel Burrus. His newest project and book is called The Anticipatory Organization. This anticipatory strategy can transform to your organization.  

Daniel Burrus helps you transform your business by teaching you how to anticipate the future. Burrus has been the secret weapon for many of the world’s best led organizations.

Every time we talk, he just keeps sharing amazing ideas that are changing our organizations. He’s a world famous strategist and technology futurist. His ideas are transforming the world today. My job in our shared clients is helping clients implement the strategies he’s help create. I know you’re going to love his ideas as much as I do. My role is helping you see how to apply his ideas inside your organization, today!

Daniel Burrus believes it’s better to lead than compete. We both share our love for learning and then apply what we learn to transform your markets. Daniel Burrus understands the power of saying the right things in the right way to get best results possible. He is an innovator in the boldest sense of the word. Burrus is a visionary who believes that we need to elevate collaboration to the next level if we hope to solve many of the world’s largest challenges.

Daniel and I had a conversation about agility recently, where he shared an incredible insight with me. Let’s see if I can do it justice. Think of a coin.  On one side is agility. Your organization can not succeed without being agile. In most cases, agility is a response to circumstances that are occurring to your organization. It’s almost impossible to be agile on a proactive basis. Agility is a must-have for your organization to thrive in these fast-changing times.

Now, let’s think about what is on the other side of that coin. What do you think it would be? What’s needed to lead in the transformation economy? You might say is speed, innovation, or even increased organizational foresight. Burrus believes the other side of the coin is anticipation.  Anticipation leverages these key capabilities.

He told me that he believes successful leaders must know how to anticipate what is going to happen, then create a strategy based on certainty. Finding certainty in an uncertain world is a huge business advantage.  It’s not enough to see around corners.  We also need to decide which corners we go around and how.

Dan’s created a system that provides you with the insights you need to better understand your current market conditions.  He helps you leverage what you’ve learned to create a more extraordinary business.  The capabilities you need to succeed in this accelerating world.

Risk is a four-letter word to most business executives. What if I could share with you a system that minimizes risk, opens new opportunities, and lets you lead your own way. I believe learning how to see the future in advance can provide your organization with an incredible advantage. This anticipatory process can help make you an even better leader.

Now that I’ve got you thinking differently about agility and anticipation. We will be returning to both over the coming months as we help take your leadership to a different level.

What should you know about Daniel Burrus? Dan is a technology futurist, as well as innovation and business strategist. He is the founder and CEO of Burrus Research. He is considered one of the top three technology futurists in the world. He is committed to transforming your business and your life.

He’s a serial entrepreneur and founder of several other market leading entrepreneurial ventures. He is not an ivory tower professor. He knows what it’s like to build a thriving business. He’s done it over and over successfully in several different competitive markets. His advice is easy to understand and implement.

Dan’s sixth book, Flash Foresight, How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible, was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. His next book, The Anticipatory Organization, Turn Disruption and Change Into Opportunity and Advantage, is due out in October. You might want to preorder a copy today. I’ve read it and couldn’t put it down. I’ll be sharing more about both of his books over the upcoming weeks while explaining how you, too, can see into the future!

See you next week.

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