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“I don’t know how I can truly sum up the attributes of Tripp in a  recommendation. Tripp is probably the best secret weapon a professional can have in their personal tool chest. He shares his wealth of background and situational knowledge in ways that lead to huge strategic advantages. I can count on Tripp for being a sounding board for a multitude of topics, ranging from how I strategically manage my own career, how I manage others, the advice I give others, how I recruit, as well as other tactical maneuvers. He helps his clients by asking probing questions that lead to a wide angle panorama of an issue, often shedding new light and giving fresh perspectives.”       Angelo McComis 

“I met Tripp several years ago when I attended a presentation he gave at Miami University’s School of Business. Since then Tripp has become a mentor and friend. He has been an invaluable source of insight and advice as I made career changes from leadership positions in corporate, higher education, and finally to an entrepreneurial venture with other partners. I would not have seen the opportunities to apply my experience in so many environments without Tripp’s guidance. His recommendations were innovative and for my career, game-changing. Tripp’s creativity and his superb listening skills make him unique in his ability to think strategically, and develop solutions that are realistic and actionable. His approach to problem-solving is both creative and analytical. Tripp’s innate ability to see the synergies across a variety of individuals and their talents allows him to identify mutually beneficial opportunities for partnerships that allow both parties to move ahead further than either would have alone. Tripp’s personal warmth, energy and enthusiasm are some of the qualities that draw people to him. Tripp can tap into the “best” in people, and brings people together with opportunities that make the most of their talents.”    Janice Spiker

“Tripp is a mentor and a friend. As my manager, he was tasked with hiring me, helping me learn the Search business, and developing me as a salesperson. He ultimately accomplished this, but served as so much more. Tripp made it his personal responsibility to take a vested interest in my growth, both professionally and personally. An hour with Tripp pays dividends for life. He genuinely cares for people, identifies their natural talents, and challenges them to gain the most from their potential.”      Matt Griffith

“I worked with Tripp as a career coach over several years. Tripp has remarkable insight, based on the extreme originality of his thinking. He is straightforward yet simultaneously highly supportive. He brings a wealth of past corporate and life experience to bear. He is equally proficient at promoting interpersonal (“emotional intelligence”) and technical growth. Similarly, he guides his clients through crisis episodes with great skill while being similarly talented at strength development. Truly outstanding.”           Lincoln Duffy, MD

“The year I was destined to make profound changes in my life, I was introduced to Tripp Braden. He offered to hear my “story” and within seconds it was evident that he had an intuition about me like no other. Spellbound by his questions and comments, I knew he was the coach I wanted to hire. There was never a coaching session where some significant insight did not emerge. Tripp was able to take what he heard and sensed from me and synthesize the meaning in a way that allowed my greatest qualities to emerge. Layer by layer, I released blocks that had me stuck in a holding pattern and boldly moved into a new paradigm of success. Under his firm but loving mentorship, I grew into a successful and confident leader. Together we identified the risks in my life, which he taught me to leverage instead of avoid. I grew from being self-conscious to self-aware, fearful to empowered. Doors I didn’t know existed began to open and I followed his model of helping others find success. The experiences in my life that I once deemed negative, became exciting challenges. He has given me the eternal gift of inspiration to continue along a path of personal and professional growth.”    Natalie Tucker Miller 

“Tripp and I met during contract negotiations between our respective companies back in 2001. We worked collaboratively and came to a very positive win-win agreement. I have kept in touch with Tripp over the years and know him as a very thought-provoking individual. I always come away from our meetings energized and enthusiastic about the future. Tripp is a strong technical thinker, but an even better business thinker; he really gets the profound and enabling power of technology.”   Patrick Foley

“As  CEO, Tripp Braden has helped me to understand how I impact my organization, what I can do to be more effective, and how to build a high performance team. The consultation is focused on actual situations-business conditions, people, organization and practical actions. Working with Tripp Braden is by far the most effective and valuable coaching experience I’ve had during my executive career.”   CEO of a  seven billion dollar Financial Service Firm