How Do You Create a Better Future for Your Life?

What do you need to know to create a better future? What do you need to know to create a better future?

If you’re not interested in creating a better future for yourself, you can pass on this week’s blog. If you don’t think it would be helpful to better understand your future, just walk.  Leave now before it’s too late.  This week we begin talking about how you can create a better future!

I’ve spent the last twenty plus years working on building your better future. I’ve been lucky enough to work on many different projects that impact the way we live our lives; these products and services continue changing the world. I had my first discussions on artificial intelligence over 25 years ago. I’ve worked on superconductive motors, advanced materials, and heart stents that help keep many more people alive today with minimal pain. I worked on smart digital sensors and controls back in the mid 1990’s. Our program even won a Chairman’s Award in 1997 at Rockwell International. This would become smart manufacturing and factory automation programs, which, in turn, has become the foundation for the Industrial Internet of Things.

How did a person who grew up in small rural community find out where tech was going long before we got there? I can tell you there were several significant teachers and mentors who got me hooked on advanced technologies.

The first was my father who bought me an erector set with motors and a toolkit when what I really wanted a GI Joe Space Capsule. He also taught me how to box that same year. He knew how to get a geek prepared for future life among the military.

The second was my math teacher, Steve Semicek, who worked at NASA Lewis Research Center during summers. He was always bringing photos to his classroom from the space program. He got me hooked on math and science. I still have the 8 X 10 photos of the Apollo astronauts walking in space and on the moon. Due to the miracle known as Facebook, we are still connected today. I can never repay this debt.

Now that you know I’m a world class geek, I thought I’d share my third teacher. This person helps you create your better future. He also helps you be a better investor and makes new technologies more easily understandable. He translates technologies to applications in record time.

I’ve shared his work with many of my best clients and partner organizations.  His name in Daniel Burrus and he is a genuine technology futurist and strategic advisor. He’s been right over 98% of the time over the past 30 years. He’s a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling author for his book Flash Foresight, How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible.

Daniel’s next book is The Anticipatory Organization, Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage,  due out October 10, 2017. I love his work so much, not only because he’s right, but because he can help you see and create a brighter future for you and your company. We need more optimistic people leading our organizations. They need to be committed to creating a better future. A future we can anticipate to take control of our destiny!

Over the next several weeks, on Futurist Friday, we start sharing different parts of his books and projects.  I think he can transform your life. I know his ideas transformed mine.

What are we going to cover over the coming weeks on Futurist Friday? So many people ask me where technology is going to take us or what advice would I offer to my children on developing their careers? How do you keep finding these amazing people to work with?

There are many great ideas Daniel Burrus shares throughout his books. He not only gives you a way to see around corners but well into the future. Everything Daniel shares helps you create a better future for you and the people in your life. We will discuss the many different ideas and tools over the next several weeks and months.

Daniel and I are talking about how to share these ideas with the market. Several of our shared clients are going to provide real world examples so you can begin connecting the dots faster.

As Managing Director, Strategic Alliances at SARCOM, we brought Daniel in to help us learn how to create new markets and opportunities. He energized our teams. He helped us all see a better future for our lives and in business. He helped our teams reconnect with the passion of our founder when we needed it most.

Want a little preview of what you might expect over the coming weeks and months on Futurist Friday? You can find Daniel’s newest blog here titled Hire Innovators + Keep them Innovating.

See you next week.

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