How Serving Entrepreneurs Build a Better Business!

Serving entrepreneurs focus on building a better worldServing entrepreneurs focus on building a better world

Who do you serve with your business? Serving entrepreneurs have a different view of the world. They tend to see a better world then create businesses that help them bring their dreams into reality.

Last week we talked about how much you know about your best customers and clients. Today, I share what I’ve learned about serving entrepreneurs in working with them for over 30 plus years. The most successful serving entrepreneurs embrace three key elements in build a thriving, growing business.  Most understand who their good customers are, but the ones that are truly great in their businesses understand who they are and what they excel at in life.

These serving entrepreneurs embrace their gifts, strengths, and life experiences. They do it through a three part life strategy. Here are the three parts of their life puzzle.  Put the pieces together and your life will accelerate as well. The only way to become a great serving entrepreneur is to embrace who you are and how we are shaped by the people and events in our lives.

Serving entrepreneurs embrace their life’s mission. They are all in. When you spend time with them you understand their business is another tool in helping them achieve their vison for our world.  Even before they start building their extraordinary businesses they have a clear mission. This mission drives their major decisions and life choices.

Serving entrepreneurs share their vision for the world with others. I’m not sure which comes first mission or vision, but exceptional serving entrepreneurs work very hard to create a vision of the world. They know what they expect to see and they go to work to make it a reality.

They share their vision with other serving entrepreneurs who help understand the power of vision and purpose. Because they have such a clear vision of the possibilities, they are able to attract and retain the best people and partners to make their vision become real.

Serving entrepreneurs understand the power values can have in inspiring themselves and others. I believe having strong values can help serving entrepreneurs in the most challenging times. Because they understand what their values are these entrepreneurs can make decisions very quickly. Values also allow you to decide what opportunities you seize and what you let go.

Serving entrepreneurs’ values help them focus on what’s important to them and why. It provides clear guidance during the more challenging times in the entrepreneur’s career. An interesting fact I’ve noticed is that most serving entrepreneurs are more flexible in evaluating other people’s values that are different from their own. They are comfortable in dealing with many different value systems. This provides them a significant advantage in dealing with global markets and constantly changing business conditions.

Serving entrepreneurs understand that a truly extraordinary business is built on the foundation of serving others. Through history there have been times in history when serving others becomes unpopular or maybe even uncool. Successful serving entrepreneurs understand that service is not something you do, but who you are. It’s how you connect and empower the world.

If you embrace these three qualities, you will be able to build a remarkable business that will help change the world. Next week, I introduce our newest serving business to you, our readers of Developing Serving Leaders. I am very proud to introduce you to the next stage of my career.

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