Women Entrepreneurs, how do you get your voice heard?

Mary Schmidt Amons joins us on ClubhouseMary Schmidt Amons joins us on Clubhouse as Moderator on The Communication Corner

Women entrepreneurs are transforming our world! The pandemic has changed the way we lead forever. Professional women see communication, collaboration, and connection as the key strengths required to be successful today.

New technologies have put women entrepreneurs at a disadvantage in many aspects of their lives. From entrepreneurial leadership to women’s healthcare, and caregiver challenges they are building stronger relationships with other women in their communities.

New leaders embrace new communication strategies

These new technologies require different communication strategies when leading remote teams. Building stronger relationships with their teams has been the foundation for many women entrepreneurs’ successes. 

For years, many markets put women entrepreneurs at a disadvantage. This is changing, women are receiving the mentoring, funding, and training they need to pursue their dreams.  Women are achieving more as leaders. We are living in transformational times.

I’ve shared my thoughts on an earlier blog on the next generation on leadership on an earlier blog Why Women Entrepreneurs Are Leading The Next Leadership Revolution! I’m been sharing this message for many years.

Join me at The Communication Corner on Clubhouse

’ve recently started a new project on Clubhouse called The Communication Corner. This link, and Clubhouse itself, are only available on IPhones and IPads. It’s a place where leaders come to improve their leadership and communication skills.

This pandemic has changed many things forever. As economies open, it requires anticipatory and agile leaders to thrive. In many cases these are women entrepreneurs who will not be denied these new economic opportunities.

Women entrepreneurs seize new opportunities

When I speak with women, they’re noticing the changes. More than noticing, they are actively seeking new and better opportunities. The ones that put them in charge of their destiny.

How can women’s voices be heard? As importantly, how can they leverage their strengths, gifts, and life experiences to help our communities thrive?

This change coincides with the rise of a social platform called Clubhouse which helps women leaders invest time in self-development, accelerated learning, and community building with other women.

Women leaders feel unheard in remote meetings

Here are several facts that made me understand this a huge challenge for woman leaders:

  • In a recent survey of 1,100 US working adults over age 18, Catalyst, a nonprofit that works to accelerate women into leadership, found that 45% of woman business leaders say it’s difficult for women to speak up in virtual meetings.
  • One in five women say they’ve felt ignored or overlooked by colleagues during video meetings. 
  • Three in five female employees say they feel like their prospects of getting a promotion are worse in their new remote work environment.  

You can find more information about how the pandemic is impacting your future career prospects at the Catalyst site.

Many of the best Clubhouses I’ve attended are run by successful women. I’ve noticed more diversity of all kinds in these rooms, from color, different ages, educational, and economic backgrounds. They are coming together to make things happen for each other.

When you go into a Clubhouse Club managed, led, and populated by women you can feel the difference in purpose, energy, and passion. This is a good thing for all of us, not just women.

Women Entrepreneurs Find a Place to Grow and Thrive

I wanted this clubhouse to share this positive energy. I shared these ideas with Bill Lampton Ph.D., my cohost on The Communication Corner. He’s noticed similar things with Clubhouse. We both wondered how we can empower the next generation of women leaders to reach their potential! I’ll share more about Bill next week.

Bill shares he’s been talking with a person he thought could help us with this challenge. A women who understands the many challenges that women face in today’s world. A women who can bring a lifetime of leadership experiences to our audience.

Introducing Mary Schmidt Amons

Bill introduced me to Mary Schmidt Amons. She’s an accomplished entrepreneur currently leading several successful entrepreneurial ventures. She worked in many male dominated markets and has found a way to help bridge the gap between men and women. She’s also a mother, wife, and caregiver who has been actively involved in her Washington D.C. community for many years.

She’s starred on The Real Housewives of D.C. on Bravo. We live in a celebrity age. Many of the entrepreneurs are playing by old rules of marketing. Rules that were not designed to help entrepreneurs in video and now audio medias. She can help you build your leadership brand from who you are now supporting where you want to go.

Women entrepreneurs maximize team engagement and growth.

Many nonprofits are struggling to share their stories with younger generations of members who want a different experience from their nonprofits. One that engages their creativity and independent personalities. Mary has created several interesting next generation nonprofit organizations leveraging partnerships and building successful long term funding strategies.

Mary leads several notable philanthropic ventures. She has been involved with fundraising events to raise funds for the Lombardi Cancer Research Center, Georgetown University, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and The Retired NFL Veteran fund. She is a serving leader who is committed to making a difference in our world.  

Leverage your unique gifts and strengths as a leader!

The best part about Mary Schmidt Amons is that she knows how to help you achieve your greatest potential. She will help you grow as a communicator, community builder, and connector.

She shares how to build an organization that supports your lifestyle, family and freedom. This is a goal for many women entrepreneurs. They want it all! We will help you achieve your dreams!

Mary understands how to communicate in different media. She can help you tell your story and help you define yourself on your own terms. She has worked with many of the worlds best acting and communication professionals. Mary wants to share this knowledge with you!

Take your lifestyle business to the next level!

She recently launched her newest venture called Hippy Chica .This new leadership journey has taken her from transition to personal transformation and beyond.

I know you’ll love the stories she shares that help you on your entrepreneurial journey. She will be sharing her ideas on building her lifestyle business through her newsletter and on Clubhouse on every Friday at 11:00.

See you this Friday at 11:00 EST on Clubhouse at The Communication Corner. These links will only work on the iPhone and iPad Products. If you would like to be on Clubhouse, reach out to me and we can help you get online.

Next week I’ll Introduce you to my other Clubhouse Moderator, Bill Lampton PH.D. You’ll see why this Clubhouse can help you transform your life.

 See you Friday!

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