Can We Become More Empowering Managers in 2018?

How can we become more empowering managers in 2018?How can we become more empowering managers in 2018?

Can we become more empowering managers? We live in a time when technology is changing every aspect of our lives. What is going to happen to managers when technology rules our world?

I can still hear my mother saying technology is a tool, not the master of our future. Simple and still true. She believed the world would always need empowering managers.

New opportunities are always being created by managers who inspire people to find new ways to connect to potential customers, clients, and partners. Future success rests with the people, not the things we can collaborate to create. Are you ready to be more empowering entrepreneurs?

Empowering managers must approach the world with a willing, open, receptive heart.  So many things are changing.  Things that were thought impossible as little as five years ago are becoming common place today. Empowering managers work with people to help them respond to change.  Change is inevitable, how we respond isn’t.

Empowering managers are. Are what? That depends on the given situation. We need to bring our best self to the conversation when dealing with a wide range of beliefs and values. This does not mean we surrender our own values or responsibilities.  We must be open to hearing where the other person comes from.

Empowering managers allow things to come at their own natural pace. Probably close to 80% of the problems I work with clients on are those concerning a lack of patience in one or both people involved. How often do we try to force issues to resolve themselves more quickly than they can or should?

Empowering managers build time into their team development process. Empowering entrepreneurs understand that the more they force things to happen, the less like they will.

Empowering managers understand raw intelligence gets you only so far. Every successful entrepreneur I know uses intuition, holistic, and systems thinking to augment their raw intelligence. Every billionaire entrepreneur I’ve worked with leads with these softer skills when making decisions.

Empowering managers understand people need time to process information. When was the last time you said to a fellow team member, “Why don’t we think about this a little longer? I’m sure we can come up with a superior solution if we reflect or think over our solution.”

Empowering managers know when to skip steps to achieve a larger goal. Prioritization is a key skill for great managers to master. What 20% gives you 80% of the results you need? Quantum leaps occur when we are ready and willing to accept a superior solution.

Empowering managers are connected to the whole person, not just the employee. How much do you know about your fellow team members? Do you know their hopes and dreams? Do you know what motivates them to do what they do? If you don’t, you will never build a great team. If you do, the sky’s the limit.

Empowering managers are about creation, not competition. Want better solutions?  Teach your people to leverage each other’s strengths and unique capabilities. Your competition can’t keep up with your creators!

So how do we develop more empowering managers and leaders? The good news is that we can all become more empowering leaders in 2018. Just keep reading here!

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