Can NIMBLE Help Increase Your Sales Faster?

Can NIMBLE help grow your clients faster?Can NIMBLE help grow your clients faster?

How do you stand out in your crowded markets? One of the biggest challenges for sales professionals is to get people on the phone! Something has changed over the past several years and many senior sales people aren’t sure what to do to level the playing field. Actually, great sales people are always looking for an edge. To me, NIMBLE provides just that edge.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of NIMBLE, but it’s been an incredibly powerful tool to help me build new markets and opportunities very quickly. NIMBLE is a highly intuitive sales tool that helps me do what I do best, gather information and sell through targeted trigger points. Today I talk about how I use NIMBLE and Friday I’ll show you how it empowers me to engage in trigger selling with both current and future clients.

I am not a NIMBLE reseller, but I share it with almost every one of my executive clients who are still responsible for selling and business development in their role. My client’s time, as I always remind them is the only thing I cannot help grow.

The first reason I like NIMBLE is it makes it easy to add new clients and markets quickly to my master database. As a consultant and business development leader, it’s critical to keep track of information and where it comes from. It’s not unusual for a potential client to send me several online articles to review before I talk with them.

NIMBLE allows me to read the article, hover over names in the articles and then let you add it to your database. This is an incredible timesaver for my team. After NIMBLE does all the hard work it allows me to see all about the person. Their social networks, their activity, and what they are experts in.  All in the space of less than 15 seconds.  If they have a popular name it may take a little more time, but it’s amazing how quickly this information comes in.

Then I can add to the person’s file by adding unique identifiers to their profile that allows me to know where the information comes from. Most times, a specific group or key words. This allows me to find these people or companies very quickly and allows me to send out information in the future, if I need to. If I need to contact the person I can find the best way to contact them.

Now I can move them to a more active status where I can monitor many different people very quickly. I can also find out how active they or their organizations are on different social media platforms. I’m able to see past activities and see what might be going on in their world.  NIMBLE is a great tool for monitoring industry leaders and their organizations, as well. That’s for another blog.

The second reason I like NIMBLE is they have a wide range of services available to help you bring large quantities of information from legacy databases over very quickly at reasonable cost. This has provided me significant opportunity to bring in my past networks very easily. For people who have technical people on their team, this isn’t such a big deal, but for many of the smaller organizations I work with, this is a lifesaver. No resource requests to get someone to do the work that these NIMBLE specialists can do in a very short time.

The third reason I like NIMBLE is that it is very intuitive in how it works when using it as a CRM program. For many entrepreneurs, who may be their organization’s best business development professional, this tool makes it easy to see patterns forming among your contacts. I have a strong background in business intelligence and find NIMBLE a great resource to look for larger patterns.  I know their future roadmap includes analytics capabilities and I can only imagine what this will do in a capable leader’s hands.

The final reason I like NIMBLE is my NIMBLE email every morning. It give me an overview of the day before activities. This give me a great snapshot to understand who is reading and sharing what I do. It also provides me with the ability to look at their backgrounds very quickly to decide what the next course of action in the sales process should be.  It has a feature called engagement opportunities that help you quickly sort through your sales process and take next steps.

I can also see who else made comments on specific content so that I can decide what my next steps should be. These tools allow me to build stronger relationships with key influencers in different markets because I know what content and people they have shown interest in.

I know some of these features are available in other forms for more money. But dollar for dollar, NIMBLE has allowed me to increase the speed of my selling and connectivity very easily.  All for this for less than twenty dollars per month.

This Friday, I share how I use NIMBLE to help me increase new client development and partner development by 50%. I will also show you how I use it to monitor potential clients for trigger selling. See you Friday!

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