How to Create More Value to Accelerate Your Growth?

How do you accelerate your growth?How do you accelerate your growth?

Today we add several growth strategies to help you increase the value and revenue of your growing business. In the global marketplace it is either growth or die for most businesses run by entrepreneurs. We’re finishing this discussion on growth that was started on Tuesday.

The second way to create significant value in your organization is creating the secret sauce. This entrepreneur is very good at seeing what connects several ideas together. These entrepreneurs tend to come from nontraditional business backgrounds. They see growth in terms of trends and emerging markets. They are very good at understanding where the value resides in other products and services.

These people see the interconnection between a wide numbers of solutions. They are very good at creating bridges between new ideas as they arrive in the market. They are constantly monitoring the market to create solutions that make another technology more user friendly. You can spot these entrepreneurs talking with other technologists who have extraordinary ideas, but struggle in implementing them effectively. They understand they may be one great idea away from creating incredible growth in their organization.

Most major technology organizations could afford to invest more in their R&D budgets. For many, they may not get a return on their investments. Many successful software leaders have become very good at finding value in making strategic acquisitions to fuel their growth and seize new opportunities in their markets.

Many times a startup has an edge among their bigger competitors. To get early clients, many startup organizations are very close to their best clients. The knowledge they can create is many times the next big disruption in more mature markets. We will be talking about how to create a more valuable organization on future blogs. These new markets have growth that the larger organizations can only dream of.

Today, many corporate development people look at their organization’s technology roadmaps to see what needs to be developed to create an incredible product or service for their best customers. Most have a more comprehensive view of what value means to their different market segments. They are constantly talking with their clients about what growth outcomes clients want with their products and services.

The third way to create significant value in your organization is being willing to look outside your industry to find great ideas to make your product or service extraordinary. One of Steve Jobs greatest strengths was his ability to borrow ideas from a wide range of sources and industries to create a different experience for his customers.

Steve Jobs was very good at going out and seeing ideas and technologies that changed how his customers experienced his product or service. This skill allows an entrepreneur to create incredible value with their best customers.

I feel many entrepreneurs miss great ideas because they are so invested in using their own ideas they have difficulty working with others to combine different ideas into new opportunities in their markets. To make this work a leader must be insatiably curious about ideas.

They also must become capable of working with people who have very little in common with them on the surface. I believe today’s great entrepreneurs are part of a team. They are very good at inspiring and motivating others into see the possibilities before their competitors do.

To get other people on board with their ideas, they must uncover the value in the ideas they are adopting from both the developers’ and customer’ perspective. There are many great products and services developed every year. It takes a more agile entrepreneur to be willing to use others ideas to make their own product into market leaders. They create value through the synergy between many different technologies.

Finally, many entrepreneurs fail to create significant value because they believe their customers are different. Its critical to understand that what motivates the few might have applicability to a much larger market. The more technical the product the more likely the entrepreneur is to see difference than similarities between theirs and other products and services.

In the next several weeks, we’ll begin to discuss how sales is changing and how to apply some of the concepts I talked about today to the sales and business development to accelerate your organization growth and profitability. See you then.

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