How much is Your Health Worth?

How much is your good health worth?How much is your good health worth?

Ever had an event happen to you that shocked you to the core?  That happened to me recently. Over the weekend, I was told that a friend’s wife has cancer and she is not expected to make it through the end of the year. She is a serving leader of the best kind. It got me thinking how much is good health worth?

She has spent the past 40 plus years as a nurse and medical professional. She has helped many people get through challenging situations, both personally and professionally. She and her family were preparing for her retirement, finally time to be spent with her husband, children, and several wonderful grandchildren. I was asked by a friend why I thought this happened. What kind of God would do this?

Over my life, I have worked in hospice and with death and dying people and animals for a very long time. This question is not all that unusual. It’s one of the stages of death that most people work through at the end of their lives.  This answer does not provide much love and support to my friend and his family. It’s one of the reasons I learned how to help people with terminal diseases.

Dealing with death and dying is something I learned from my grandmother. She was a cancer nurse in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, when almost all patients with cancer died.  She taught me the value of each day we are given. A message I share with our many readers around the world.

Healthcare has changed over the years.  Today we can prevent, or at least treat, many forms of cancer and other killer diseases if they are diagnosed early enough. Sadly, many people still avoid the physicals and health tests that could save their lives. My father did and it cost him his life.

So how much is your health worth? Today, we see amazing advances in the medical sciences. I work with clients who are changing the way we deal with prevention and illness. Today, doctors can extend our lives almost indefinitely if they get the patient in for regular checkups. This is the good news.

Now for the bad news. Most medical professionals are overworked and understaffed. Many healthcare organizations are struggling with the increasing age of a larger part of the population. Many of my friends have begun to take over caregiving responsibilities for their aging parents. In several cases, they also have younger children to care for.

It also appears that many younger individuals are struggling with their health at a much earlier age than past generations. There are many causes for this, but this generation is struggling with being overweight and diabetic at a much earlier age than their parents. The nature of food is changing and large commercial farms and production facilities are not always producing the best food for our population. Finally, many new medications have side effects that could include killing you.

Women leaders face many of the same diseases that killed male leaders in past generations. The problem is that many women are not aware of the warning signs of these killer diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, increasing levels of stress, and increasing multi-generation caregiving responsibilities are putting tremendous stress on the women in our lives.

To the women serving leaders who read our blogs, I have decided to begin discussing issues that need to be brought out in the open. My greatest fear is that women entrepreneurs and serving leaders address these challenges the way men of my generation did. Or, more accurately, the way they didn’t.

If you hope to make a dent in the universe, you must develop new skills that help you live a better life. I believe the rules have changed forever. I’ve asked my personal fitness trainer to share what she’s learned over the past 30 years as a senior leader in both corporate and entrepreneurial ventures. I’ve asked my wife to join our writing team. She is the first of several women I’ve asked to begin contributing to this blog. We will be introducing them to you in the coming months.

I’ll share more about her background next week. She’ll start providing blogs that are going to help you have a better, more balanced life. I talked to many women over the past several months about the unique challenges women face today, both at home and at work. Our goal is to provide you with information that can increase the joy in your life.  She wants you to have the financial and personal freedom you deserve as an entrepreneur and serving leader. And that starts with your better health.

Don’t worry guys, Tricia is going to share ideas that help you have a better, healthier life too. She has helped me keep in great shape as well. Plus she knows how difficult men can be. After all, she’s married to me. You cannot imagine how it feels to go through life knowing your health is in order. It hasn’t always been this way for me, but she helped create a healthier lifestyle that changed our lives. I’m sure she will share some of our stories, even if I prefer she wouldn’t.  As you will discover, she is like so many of my friends, No BS.

See you next week when we close our series on finding your best clients with a blog that can help you decide if a client is the right client for you and why. See you next Tuesday!  Enjoy your Labor Day!

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