How do you build your healthy mindset?

What does it take to develop a healthy mindset?What does it take to develop a healthy mindset?

Is the secret of better health a healthy mindset? Like so many others, I tried for years to diet my way to health, only to find that I struggled and failed to achieve sustainable results. Like most people who struggle with their weight, I thought that if I could just change the number on the scale, I would be successful. What my Coach taught me, however, is that if all that you change is your body, and not your mindset, daily habits, and lifestyle, you will inevitably regain the weight you worked so hard to lose.

The weight is merely symptomatic of your mindset and your lifestyle. The weight, in and of itself, is not the true issue. For that reason, as a Certified Independent Health Coach, I do not offer a diet, which merely treats the symptoms of the problem, and thus merely offers temporary results. Rather, I offer my clients a truly sustainable lifestyle change, which addresses the underlying issues of mindset, daily habits, coping strategies, as well as the environment that they surround themselves in.

A healthy mindset requires a long term outlook

When one diets, they are restricting or punishing themselves short term, in order to achieve a desired outcome. Once they achieve that result, they celebrate and go back to “real life,” without those restrictions. This approach can absolutely provide results. The problem, however, is that any results it may provide are almost always temporary and fading. In fact, people often not only regain the weight they lost, but they often gain more than they initially lost. This is what happened to me after I lost 30 pounds on my own, only to struggle and end up gaining 63 pounds “back.” If you truly want lasting results, you need to make lasting lifestyle changes.

A healthy mindset requires goals

The first thing I do when working with prospective clients is to support them in setting goals for what they want to achieve, and to discover why that matters to them. This becomes the driving force that motivates and drives my clients beyond a short-term goal, and onto long term lifestyle change.

This also keeps the focus on creating the life they want, rather than merely focusing on losing what they do not want. In other words, dieting focuses on the problem, while a sustainable lifestyle change focuses on the solution and on why the solution matters. This change of mindset and focus is key, not only to achieving a desired result, but also to sustaining that result long-term.

A healthy mindset requires a support system

If you truly want your results to be sustainable, a healthy support system is key. This is why working with a Coach is so vital to your long-term success. This is also why I not only support my clients 1 on 1, but I also connect my clients with a community of like-minded people who are also committed to improving their health and to living their best lives. This support system makes a vital difference. For years I kept my weight struggle a secret, even from my wife. What I have come to realize, is that I was subconsciously keeping it private in order to be able to safely fail.

In other words, I knew that I would fail, and I wanted to protect myself from the shame of anyone else knowing that I was trying and failing. The power of inviting someone else in on your journey, particularly someone who has walked the journey first-hand and had success, significantly increases your likelihood to not only reach your goal, but to be able to sustain it long-term.

A healthy mindset isn’t always easy

I am not going to tell you that changing your life is going to be easy, but I will tell you that it will be worth it. You are worth it, and your family is worth it. No one else can make the decision for you. You have to decide for yourself if you truly want it enough to do something about it. You have to decide, like I did 3 years and 164 pounds ago, that you are worth fighting for. At 334 pounds, I finally got to the point where I did not care if it was possible.

All that I knew was that I needed it, and my family needed it. I realized that if I could have done it on my own, I would have done it already. I knew what doing it on my own looked like- it looked like 334 pounds. Like so many others, I found that dieting did not create lasting health in my life.

A healthy mindset is a team effort

What I truly needed was a complete lifestyle change with the support of a Coach, a community, and a simple and effective system. Even though I struggled to believe true change was possible, I am so thankful every day that I took the step to reach out to my Coach for help. If that is where you are today, just know that you are not alone, and that true change is possible for you. Whether you believe it or not, you can change, and I would love to support you every step of the way.

Email me at to schedule a free, no obligation discussion, for us to explore how I can help you achieve and maintain your health goals. You too could be just one decision away from a totally different life.

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