How Jesus Christ Changed the World in Two Words!

How did Jesus Christ change the world in two words?How did Jesus Christ change the world in two words?

He lives. In saying this, the history of mankind was changed forever. How could so few words change the world? Jesus Christ lives. How does this impact serving leaders? Must you follow his life to be a great serving leader? I’ve known many of the world’s serving leaders and not all of them believe in Jesus Christ the way I do.

Once thing is for certain, all the leaders that I have met believe this man taught by example, and through this example changed the face of the world. He provides the world a model of successful serving leadership.

Jesus lives and through his example and gift, so shall we, forever.  Happy Easter to our wonderful Serving Leader’s community.  Developing Serving Leaders has over 59,000 people who read this blog on a regular basis. Through serving leadership, you are changing the world forever!

When I think of Jesus’s life, I think of all the people’s lives he changed. I share five qualities that Jesus’s life possessed in hopes of inspiring you to action this coming year. I use the word LIVES to form a framework for how serving leaders live our lives.

L is for Love. Without love the world is a lonely place. Jesus shared with us that love is the most important part of a serving leader’s life. If we hope to change the world, we must choose to do it through love. I don’t mean the easy love of poets, but the love of hard work and understanding others. Love can transform a person’s life in an instant.  When thinking about an enemy, invest more time in loving them and they cannot stay an enemy forever.

I is for Imagine. Imagine a world without hate and jealousy. Imagine a place where you are free to express your feelings, unafraid of what might happen to you or your family. Imagine a world where every person has the right to live their life their way with risk of persecution.  I hope that you feel as inspired by the world Jesus Christ shared and imagined throughout his life and ministry.

V is for Victorious. To be a serving leader, you must help others overcome the dark shadows in their lives. We are not victorious till all people can enjoy complete forgiveness and freedom. Every day we can help others achieve victory in their lives. Serving leaders are committed to helping others wherever and whenever we can. We will not surrender until all feel the freedom of life. Jesus’s example of victory over death provided us the guarantee of everlasting life. We must be willing to sacrifice our lives for others that we may not even know because, as serving leaders, we know we will live forever.

E is for Empower. Serving leaders empower others through everything they do. Serving leaders understand there are many ways to empower others. We must be willing to provide the skills and capabilities needed to expand others’ opportunities.  Learning how to enable and empower others is a lifetime mission for serving leaders.

S is for Serving. As serving leaders, we choose to serve the world versus having the world serve us. Jesus said the first will be last and the last will be first.  In this simple statement he changed the way serving leaders choose to lead. He changed the way leaders chose to lead.

Jesus’s life and mission made sure that we focus our love, energy, and forgiveness on providing service to all around us. We do this not because of weakness, but because we understand that serving others is how we can make a difference in our world. He created a movement that has spent several thousand years in serving others to help make the world better place for all future generations.

Finally, how do we honor the life of Jesus Christ? We forgive ourselves and others. The power of forgiveness provides us with the opportunity to live a fuller life with love and prosperity beyond our wildest dreams.

May the spirit and life of Jesus Christ provide you peace and love this holiday season.  Happy Easter to you and your family.

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