Happy Mother’s Day to Our First Serving Leaders, Our Moms!

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Happy Mother's Day, Moms

Happy Mother’s Day, Moms

Mothers come in all shapes and forms, males and females, tall and short, plump and thin. There is no universal description that fits every mother. They all provide love unconditionally. They shape our impressions and lives. Mothers are the original serving leaders. It starts with the moment we are conceived and doesn’t end until we leave this world. I attended the funeral of a friend’s mother this weekend and was struck by the important role his mom played in not only his life, but in the rest of the family and community at large. So, why do mothers play such a huge role in our lives?  What can we learn from the women, and sometimes men, who choose to be actively engaged in their children’s lives as a mother?

I was once told an average mother loses several million dollars in lost wages when she chooses to take care of her children. I would see the number as significantly larger because most of the mothers I knew could run circles around their husbands. This is both at home and in the workplace. It’s not about the money, but rather about their choices. Past generations of mothers could not have it all, and talking with many on their death beds, they say they wouldn’t have given up their role as mother for all the money in the world. The stories they shared and the laughter it caused made for many joyful times at the end of a life well lived.

So what do we learn from our mothers? I came up with several things I heard over the past weekend that will remind you why we love our mothers so much. I hope it brings you the same joy I find in sharing it with you this Mother’s Day Week.  My goal is to let you think about the important role mom has played in your lives and the role they played in making you the person you are today.

Unconditional love always multiplies our ability to love others.

Good listening multiplies the connection we have to people.

Teaching responsibility increases respect for others.

Little acts of kindness can change a person’s life forever.

Regularly empowering your children helps them have extraordinary lives.

You can never give away all your love, it always returns multiplied to the sender and the giver.

Teaching your children to embrace their gifts creates a better world.

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all you do to make our world a better more loving place.

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