How to Use a Partnership Newsletter to Sell More

We’ve talked about the importance of newsletters in your partnership marketing and growth strategy.  This can make such an impact on your extraordinary partnerships, we’re posting several articles about it.  A couple days ago, we featured guest blog by our partner Jim Palmer that revealed the five secrets of a great newsletter.  Those five secrets included:

–      Telling customers what else you do

–      Telling them what’s new

–      Focusing on what’s important to the customer

–      Using the back of your newsletter

–      Sending the newsletter on a regular, frequent basis

You can use newsletters for more than keeping your name in front of customers, building and maintaining relationships with your best clients and partners.  How would you like to learn how to use a newsletter to increase your sales? 

Use a newsletter with your partners to provide sales and marketing tips, highlight features of your products, or answer commonly asked questions.  You could also provide content to your partners to use in newsletters they send to their end customers.  Either way, it’s an opportunity for you to provide information to your partners, and ultimately the end customer, that your competition isn’t providing.

So, take a few moments to check out what Jim Palmer has to say about using customer newsletters to sell more.  You won’t be sorry!

Using a Customer Newsletter to Sell More
by Jim Palmer – the Newsletter Guru

Customer newsletters are an awesome way to maintain and build relationships with your customers, clients, and prospects. This is the one of the primary reasons that so many companies start a newsletter. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many instances where the focus of a company newsletter changes over time, from what’s important to the customer to what’s fast and easy to write about so the newsletter can go out the door! 

I’m sure you’ve read some of these types of newsletters. And I’ll bet you wondered why the company even bothers to spend the time and money to print and mail the newsletter – surely you weren’t running to your mailbox to read about some employee in customer service who just celebrated a birthday! If you want your customers and clients to read and look forward to your newsletter, stay focused on making your newsletter entertaining, educational, and informative.

Another thing that I see all too often is that many companies forget that their newsletter is a great way to sell. Yes, you heard right! Written properly, a newsletter is an awesome way to generate repeat and referral business. 

Here are a few pointers to focus on idea that will surely please your sales manager. 

  1. Talk about the benefits of purchasing your product or service.
  2. Describe your guarantees or warranties.
  3. Explain to your readers why your product or service is such a good value.
  4. Compare a new and improved product to one that they may already own.
  5. Point your readers to your Web site for more information.
  6. Make sure that your newsletter has a monthly special offer.
  7. If it makes sense to do so, include a deadline with the offer.
  8. Remember to include your contact information.

When you first begin to put pen to paper on each issue of your newsletter, close your eyes and ask yourself the following: “What is important to my readers, and what would they like to read about?” If you do this on a regular basis, your newsletter will produce more positive results.

Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru, has been writing and designing newsletters for clients in just about every industry for nearly 30 years. If you’re ready to boost your profits by increasing your repeat and referral business, get Jim’s FREE e-course, The Awesome Power of Newsletter Marketing, at

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