How Can Josh McConnell Help Transform Your Life Today?

Josh and Rhonna McConnellHere’s why I think Josh and Rhonna McConnell can help transform your life!

We all have New Year’s resolutions. We start with the best intentions and by the time you read this, over 80% of us have already broken ours. Somewhere along the way, we quit. We get busy.  There’s never enough time in the day to get everything done. What falls by the wayside in your busy schedule?

Part of my life’s mission is to help serving leaders succeed in all aspects of their lives. To me, this means that we are only limited by our imagination. When I meet new people, I discover that many of us are stressed out, tired, and not achieving our goals. We never have the energy we need to get everything done that we want.

Enter Josh McConnell. I met Josh for the first time at a Youngstown Chamber of Commerce meeting. He was walking around with a photograph in a frame.  Odd, I thought. Something was different about him. He had a certain energy. People seemed to perk up when they talked with him. He knew many of the people in the room. But why was he carrying around a picture at a chamber luncheon? I had to investigate.

What struck me about Josh was the way he listened to other people. He focused on what the people said and was a great listener. He made people comfortable sharing their own story. I had to listen in. Here’s what I heard. When Josh talked, he was authentic and real. His story reminded me of many of the men I know in business. They focus on work; they are always on the go.

Sadly, many of them  are overweight. In Josh’s case, he weighed 334 pounds. He had high blood pressure and borderline sleep apnea. His energy, focus, and confidence were declining. How many of us are struggling with similar problems? How does this impact the rest of our lives?

When you look at Josh today, you don’t see a worn out, tired man. On January 1, 2017, he decided to turn his life around.  He committed to working with a Certified Health Coach. When he talks about how he transformed his life, I’m not sure I could have done it. He developed a healthy mindset; he leveraged the tools and support to help transform his life. He lost 164 pounds and committed to keeping the weight off for the rest of his life.

All this is great for Josh McConnell, what does it mean for you? Josh is committed to helping others do the same thing. I’ve asked Josh to help me make all of us healthier. When you talk to Josh you get a better understanding why he can help. He doesn’t brag.  He’s not in your face.  He’s committed to showing you a system to help you improve your health.

He’s been there, done that, and he knows what it’s like to struggle with weight. As he describes it today, anyone can do it if they are willing to commit to the program. He understands the freedom good health can provide you. He is passionate about getting this message out to our community.

Josh has become a Certified Independent Health Coach. He has spent the last several years working with people who want to change their lives. Josh believes this is something everyone can do. Not just a few select people who can achieve the goal of a healthy life.

To do this, Josh incorporates serving values into his coaching programs. The systems he uses has helped over a million people transform their lives. Josh will be sharing his ideas on a regular basis. But in case you’d like to get an early start you can contact Josh at

You can see the photo he was carrying around here on the blog. If a picture is worth a thousand words this photo is worth a book. I know you’ll be glad to meet Josh and learn how he can help you change your life forever. 

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