Can a Sage Global Business Expert Help You Grow Your Business?

A new Sage partnership to help you grow your business faster!A new Sage partnership to help you grow your business faster!

This last week I received an award in the UK as a Sage Global Business Expert. It’s a great honor to be recognized as an expert in small and mid-market business. Sage Advice UK is a clear leader in the UK and Europe helping small and mid-market organizations reach their goals. I’m partnering with Sage globally to help you grow your business!

This new opportunity allows me to easily share implementable ideas on business development, building high performing teams, and accelerating profitable growth with many more entrepreneurs around the world.

Sage Advice US is sharing practical, implementable advice here in North America, building a substantial following in our shared communities. I will be contributing to Sage’s many platforms and media to help you reach your goals today and in the future! This new opportunity will allow me to have more impact on entrepreneurs in global SME markets. I have a extraordinary team of Sage Global Business Experts who will bring you many great ideas to help you grow as a leader and as an organization. I can’t wait to share them with you.

I love working with the SME and SMB market. I can go from influence to impact with my clients very quickly. The leaders and entrepreneurs in these organizations are more anticipatory and agile in how they lead their organizations. It’s always a thrill to watch an organization grow to the next level of success.

Emerging and mid-sized businesses drive innovation in the connected global economy. From working with successful entrepreneurs, I’ve learned much from my best clients and bosses that started in a garage to grew to revenues of well over 1 billion dollars in sales annually and beyond.

For me, that’s only part of the story. I’ve have the good fortune of partnering and consulting with the world’s best global brands and entrepreneurs for many years. My clients’ notoriety and leadership have provided me with an introduction to many rising entrepreneurs before they become household names in their industries and markets.

I am passionate about helping today’s entrepreneurs and the next generation of leaders leverage their unique strengths, gifts, and life experiences to help them serve others and find more joy in their lives and businesses. There are proven principles and simple processes that many have used to grow their organizations or take a client organization from good to great.

One that goes beyond influence to making a difference with their families, communities, and the world. What do you want to bring the world through your business? What do you need to overcome the challenges you face daily? How can we help you do more of what only you can do?

How do we bring back the joy you had when you started working in business? Can we take the workload off your back by leveraging people, technologies, and systems? We plan to share how you can leverage time, resources, and strengths to take your life to the next level! Our goal is to provide you the tools you need to succeed in life and in business.

One quality all my clients and partners share is they get out of bed excited about the possibilities in life. They never seem to act their age well into their eighties and beyond. How would you like to lead this kind of life? We live in an age of incredible opportunities. Are you seizing the best opportunities for your team?

The next generation of leaders are digital native. They use digital tools the way my generation used tools and heavy equipment to help build the future. The key question is; Will technology empower your future vision of business and the world? Can you use technology to take the drudgery out of your work? Will it serve you or become your master?

Technology has always had the potential to change things rapidly. Today we must decide if we leave our leadership up to chance or choice. We must choose and then continue to grow and evolve. The question I’m asked by entrepreneurs when I present at technology conferences is how these emerging technologies help build a more successful organization.

Here’s where our Sage Global Business Experts come into play. We are partnering with SAGE to help inform, energize, and inspire possibilities for entrepreneurs. Sage has a clear vision for technology innovation. They are focused on helping your business grow and move forward. Leveraging technology to help empower and engage your team!

I see myself as a bridge in helping your business of today become the business of the future. We want to help you reach your financial and growth goals. We want to help you achieve the freedom you seek when you started your organization.

We want to be the bridge to a brighter future. We will share practical, proven tips, and strategies that empower your mission, vision, and values. Here’s the great news, we have many different Sage Global Business Experts working and sharing to help you achieve your dreams.

See you next week and we’ll get started!

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