Three Technology Hard Trends That Are Transforming Healthcare Today!

What technology hard trends are transforming healthcare today?What technology hard trends are transforming healthcare today?

Three anticipatory leaders are getting involved in the challenge of transforming healthcare together. Why do I think these three unlikely partners may succeed where other have struggled? Yesterday I talked about the big news this week in healthcare. You can find out more about why they got involved at Can These Three Anticipatory Leaders Disrupt Healthcare?  My faith lies in understanding technology hard trends. That, and the many advanced technology projects my clients have in the works for transforming healthcare!

Judging by the early responses I got, not all of you believe they can achieve this goal. Some people are even asking if I think they’ve lost their minds for trying. I’ve worked for and competed with these three leaders. I wouldn’t bet against them. I know technology hard trends create future facts. Future facts are going to happen. They will happen, its just a matter of by whom and how soon!

Today, I share three technology hard trends that will transform healthcare for all of us. I can see twelve, if not closer to twenty, hard technology trends that will change healthcare over the next few years. Don’t try this at home! I’m a professional hard technology trends spotter. I’ll pick three today that will get you thinking about how technology hard trends are going change healthcare. If you’d like to learn more about applying hard trends to your business, drop me a note at

When we work with clients, this is one of my favorite things to do. We start by identifying several hard trends that are going to change their businesses, then build out a baker’s dozen more to get people clear on which trends are hard and which are soft. My partner, Dan Burrus has collected hundreds, if not thousands, of hard trends from his many keynotes and consulting engagements. He is amazing at this. In the twenty years I’ve known him, he stills astonishes me with what he and his clients come up with.

Ultimately, I may be responsible for implementing strategies from what we uncover. Sometimes, my clients kiddingly call me the billion-dollar implementer, our clients have the business results to prove it!

The first of the technology hard trends that will be a future fact is the cloud as the ultimate communication and collaboration tool. Advanced Cloud Computer Services are just starting to ramp up. Public, private, and personal mobile clouds are going to transform your healthcare experience. I’m a cloud strategist, I mean, a business strategist who understands the power of the cloud will change healthcare. I told my surgeon I was a cloud strategist, he spent the next hour show me his applications. He even called his nurse in to talk about how they could apply it to her role.

Not a bad thing given I will be spending a week in March at IBM Think 2018 in Las Vegas.  I just wished he would let me put my pants back on versus running around in my hospital gown! It was a bit chilly. This doctor was like a kid in the candy store. Not often do I get to be the adult in the room when it comes to applying cloud technologies. I can’t wait to share what I learn.

The second of the technology hard trends I see impacting healthcare is the Internet of Things. We are entering a stage where you can be monitored anytime and anywhere. In the past, healthcare was limited by time and place. Recovery was spent in a hospital facility, so you could be monitored if complications occurred. Today, a mobile phone and temporary patch, and you’re ready to go!

I have a friend who had major surgery who was out of the hospital the next day because her recovery in an assisted living center could be monitored closely from room sensors and applications that doctors and nurses used to make sure their patient get the best treatment at the right time.

These tools can be used in first responder vehicles during emergency situations to allow doctors to make critical decisions before the patient even pulls up in the ambulance.  With sensor and application costs decreasing at least 50% per year, the possibilities in healthcare are endless. Choosing the best facility and doctor for the patient while they are in route. Saving lives in the process!

Now my favorite technology hard trend, Artificial Intelligence. What my doctors wouldn’t give to have the time to keep up with all the new options available for their patients. Today, artificial intelligence is just starting to develop and evolve. The future application of AI is as unlimited as your future possibilities.

Your partner has an unusual illness. Your doctor sits down with an artificial intelligence (AI) device and tells it what the patient is presenting. Today, they might sit down and type it in, tomorrow the artificial intelligence knows as much about the patient’s health history and their families as the doctor. Some day you will be able to sit done anywhere in the world and have this expertise available to provide you better healthcare.

AI can provide a perfect augmented intelligence. Think about a person who can learn almost anything guided by the experience of a professional who has seen many different patients and medical histories. A doctor who has honed their curiosity and critical thinking skills. Global treatment teams available 24 hours per day.

It can look for other similar cases anywhere in the world. It never gets tired. The perfect thinking partner and sounding board! That’s if you can get over the built in emotional intelligence indicator that keeps telling you jokes to help you reduce the stress.

Just thinking what happens when these three technology hard trends converge will change the patient’s experience of healthcare. Now add a dozen more technology hard trends and you can see healthcare is moving forward at warp nine. What makes this even more amazing is the cost structures that are being decreased as quickly as technology capabilities are improving.  The future is bright in healthcare.

Technology hard trends will connect the world of healthcare through the cloud and then begin shaping the patients experience long before the patient knows what they need. We haven’t even talked about predictive medicine and how technology hard trends will converge to increase the quality of life on our planet. We are entering an amazing time to be alive. Now consider that technology hard trends are going to happen with increasing regularity. A billion dollars is going to go a long way, and these three anticipatory leaders have very deep pockets.

Want to know more about technology hard trends and how they will impact your industry and life? Want to learn more about 20 technology hard trends?  I’ll be sharing more about these over the coming weeks.

Stick around, I’ll be sharing more examples from other industries over the coming weeks in preparation for my Think conference attendance in March. I can bet that you might want to consider attending before we’re done.  See you there!

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