13 Tips for Serving Entrepreneurs this MicroBiz Matters Day!

How do you build an extraordinary MicroBiz today?How do you build an extraordinary MicroBiz today?

What would it take to build the MicroBiz of your dreams? Friday, we celebrate MicroBiz Matters Day in the UK and globally. I’ve been involved with this event for several years and every year it continues exceeding our expectations. What can I do to help raise the bar for your business and life in 2018?  

Every year, they bring in new people to help you succeed in your Micro business. Every year, I take away several ideas that make me get up and start my day early and stay late. Being a Microbiz entrepreneur is in my blood.

I’ve owned several Micro Businesses. For over 20 plus years, I’ve been a Microbiz entrepreneur. I love the independence it has provided for me, my family, our community, and many different team members over the years. In good times and bad, my Microbiz has kept me growing and learning.

Let’s see if I can help you grow even more in 2018. Make it your best year ever. Let’s start with several concepts and ideas that seem simple, but can help you start building an extraordinary Microbiz today.

  1. Why do people pay you? No, I don’t mean what do you do for people, what makes you stand out from all the choices they have in the market?
  2. How much do you know about your best clients’ or customers’ lives? Are you using this information to engage your clients or just sell to
  3. them?
  4. How much do you know about your customers’ competitors? Are you regularly investing in having a better understanding of your customers’ lives? How do other people see them?
  5. Do you have empathy for your customers’ situation? How do you develop extraordinary empathy? Are you investing time in developing a more powerful relationship with your customers?
  6. Do your clients know that you’re all in for them? Do you provide information or advice? Which should you be providing? My clients pay for advice, people who don’t pay just get information. There is a powerful difference between the two. In other words, clients pay for implementation.
  7. Are you consultative in your approach? Do your solutions resonate with the people you’re working with? Can you show your customers different ways of approaching their challenges?
  8. When you engage with a person do you help provide clarity? Helping a client clarify their situation creates significant value before you start working with them. It helps make you indispensable to your client!
  9. How do people feel when they are done talking with you? Are they amazed and astounded or are they ready to act now? The most amazing thing you can do for your customers is provide them with the best solution to their current situation.
  10. If you bring clarity to the customer, you empower them to act. This power can help provide solutions that seemed impossible before you engaged them.
  11. Adding power or empowering others promotes understanding. This understanding promotes certainty in your relationship with the customers. The more people understand, the more certainty they can find in their relationship with you.
  12. Certainty creates trust between you and your client. Knowing they can trust you promotes better, faster decisions from your customers. People want to trust you!
  13. The highest compliment you can pay another person is to trust you. Trust is the foundation of all long-lasting relationships. Successful businesses are built on trust.
  14. Finally, a MicorBiz Matters Day #IGave13 baker’s dozen. Be willing to let your customer make the best decision at the time. You’ll win many more deals than you lose.

If you embrace these simple ideas, you will build an extraordinary life and Microbiz! You will never lack for clients or customers, or, for that matter, friends.

Happy Microbiz Matters Day!  Rock On!

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