Can You Lead the Micro Business Leadership Revolution?

Rock on micro business entrepreneurs! You rock the world!Rock on micro business entrepreneurs! You rock the world!

How many of you would like to have even more impact on your communities? Microbiz leaders lead a large portion of smaller businesses around the world. Many times their impact far exceeds larger organizations in how business is changing, evolving, and growing. Many of the successful business leaders I know run a successful micro business.

My business is a micro business. I am a microbiz entrepreneur.  I’ve led and managed several successful micro businesses.

Today, my partners across the pond in the UK are celebrating their independence and impact on the economy.  In the UK, there are over 5,100,000 micro enterprises. According Tony Robinson, 95% of these businesses have less than 10 employees. Based on my knowledge, these numbers are similar for the North American market, as well.  You can learn more about this emerging economic power at Tony Robinson, OBE’s blog The impact of these businesses is enormous to the world’s economy.  Here’s a tip of the hat to my friend who is mobilizing this growing segment of the global economy.

I believe this group of businesses have impact today and will continue to grow in importance as many people begin to develop what they want to do with their second acts in their lives and careers. This is one of my favorite ideas I share when I coach my entrepreneurial clients on how they invest in the rest of their lives.  I even convinced my wife to take the plunge as a Pilates and Wellness coach. So what three things would I share from my experience as a micro business entrepreneur?

The first strategy I suggest is to begin developing your leadership brand. We live in a time where any individual with some creativity, focus, and drive can become successful in building a micro business.  The sky is the limit for entrepreneurs who are willing to share their gifts, strengths, and life experiences with others.

Every person has a unique contribution they can make to the world. We must be willing to toot our own horns if we hope to lead the band.  We will invest significant time this year around how you build your leadership brand before you need it. Micro businesses are a great way to build an extraordinary life today and tomorrow on the foundation of your past successes.

The second strategy I suggest is to become excellent at developing partnership and joint ventures with other micro business owners. Many small business owners struggle to find the right combination of capabilities to offer clients at the early stages of their micro business.

There are so many great people and resources available to help you grow your revenue.  If you gave me only one skill to master as micro business leader, it would be the ability to assemble a great team of micro business leaders to help my clients grow. We’ve talked about this many time in terms of becoming as stronger networker. This year, we will share different tools to help make this a reality for your organization.

The third strategy is very important to you sanity!  Develop the ability to reach your goals in your own way. Learn to be ruthless with where you invest your time. As a micro business leader you will never have enough time to do everything you want. Learn to focus on what’s important: Use the force, Luke, use the force!

Pete Drucker was a micro business leader for many years. His impact on the science of management and leadership are still felt today. Many authors and thought leaders have created significant impact by creating a micro business around their loves, gifts, and passions.

Finally, a bonus strategy to consider as you decide if a micro business is for you. You can create incredible impact through your mission, vison, and values. The number one issue I find with micro business leaders is they don’t aim high enough with their impact and influence.

I’ve served several presidents in my life. The future possibilities are endless. All while working for and leading micro businesses.  I’ve worked with many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs who started and grew their businesses, becoming some of the most respected organizations in the world.

They all started their relationships with me when I was in a micro business. There is something about a micro business leader who is confident and capable to shape the world to meet their own expectations. It’s a quality that successful entrepreneurs all share and surround themselves with. Leaders who can get things done. Leaders like you.

Reach for the stars and you might be surprised how far you reach. You can build an organization that fits your view of the world.  Don’t settle for anything less.

Until we meet in person, know that micro businesses are going to change the world. Get on board for the ride of your life because MICRO BUSINESSES ROCK THE WORLD!!!   Always have, always will!

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