How Serving Leaders can Increase their Impact in 2016!

How can I impact you in 2016?How can I impact you in 2016?

Happy New Year! Welcome back. How do you plan to increase your impact in 2016 and beyond? 2016 is going to be a challenging year here, and around the world.  Serving leaders are going to need to step up their ability to impact and influence others. We are at an inflection point in our history.

I believe the number one skill we, as serving leaders, need to develop is the ability to influence others.  Not just to influence, but we must also get them to take action toward their goals in 2016. At the end of 2016, we will not be judged how well we spoke and wrote. We will be judged by the impact and results we help generate. Here’s my short list of how serving leaders can impact others.

The first way we can impact others is to understand them.  How many messages do you get on a regular basis that are sent to you that really don’t understand you or your situation? We are called to be better leaders by better understanding the people we interact with.  This year we are going to help you connect better with others by understanding them.

The second way we can impact others are is to reengage our passions and desires. Every serving leader has ideas they want to share and engage others on in discussions. In 2016, it’s critical that we empower others and ourselves in the areas we care about. If 2015 is any indication, we will be called to support our causes with more than just our money. But, to be candid, many great nonprofits are in the fight of their lives when it comes to raising money and awareness for their causes.

The third way we can impact others is to take action on what we believe. We are going to serve as leaders in our communities. WE are going to support serving leaders that we believe in. We are not going to sit at a keyboard and let the world pass us by. All of us have unique gifts, strengths, and life experiences that can help others to succeed. We have the ability to help others grow significantly by sharing our stories in our communities. We must be willing to share ourselves with others.

The fourth way we can impact others is to improve our capabilities to communicate in many different media. We live in the age of community and serving entrepreneurs. We must invest time in becoming the best people we can be. This means that we will invest time in self-development and developing others around us. The only true leverage we have is our ability to mobilize ourselves and others to take action towards are dreams.

So how are we going to impact you in 2016? In many different ways. We are going to help you become a better serving leader and community member. In 2016, our agenda is to improve your leadership skills in the following areas:

  • Improve your personal and professional influence strategies
  • Become more effective in team building and development
  • Increase your emotional intelligence
  • Develop your creativity and strategic thinking capabilities

These are my goals for Developing Serving Leaders in the coming year. I’ve shared my photo here this week so you can see who I am. I travelled extensively and met with many of my new social media and online friends in person last quarter. Several people reminded me that many of you never will meet me in person. They felt I was missing an opportunity to connect with the over 90,000 members in our Developing Serving Leaders community. They also told me they felt more connected after seeing me in person.  So I will be working on programs that will allow us to get to know each other better in the coming months. I’ve added a photo that my wife took to help you know who I am when we meet at conferences, both in person and online.

Let’s make sure we have impact on our family, friends and community in the coming year. See you next week.

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