Can Serving Leadership Help You Grow in 2016?

Can your serving leadership help others grow in 2016?Can your serving leadership help others grow in 2016?

How does serving leadership help take your organization to the next level? Can serving leadership continue to provide you and your organization an opportunity to grow and prosper? Are you committed to having serving leadership provide you a foundation for future growth and learning?

Serving leadership provides an organization’s leaders a unique way of seeing the world. With all the changes going on today, it is critical that we step up as leaders.  Today, I share several ideas that help you be more successful as developing serving leaders. In 2016, we must become the change we wish to see in our world.  Why isn’t it ever as simple as it sounds?

The first quality of serving leadership in 2016 will be that people are looking for change. Over the past several years, many serving leaders have become complacent with short term thinking. Serving leaders will be called to become more involved in all aspects of our society. Serving leadership is not about the status quo. It’s about honoring our values by taking action on the things we believe in.

Serving leadership means we cannot be separated from what we believe and value.  Serving leaders are great at sharing, caring, and daring to be bold. Serving leaders understand people are looking for leadership that’s supports their needs and vision of the world.

This leads to the second quality of serving leadership in 2016; serving leaders are comfortable helping their teams become more creative and innovative in how they choose to serve the world.  We are moving into an age where technology and creativity is only limited by our own imaginations. Serving leaders want to help expand the imagination of the people they serve and lead. Serving leaders challenge conventional wisdom because they understand they must be willing to influence others into a more positive future than either they or their teams can imagine.

The third quality of serving leadership in 2016 is we are more integrated in how we see the many different ideas and concepts coming together. We are open to looking for new ways to solve old challenges. Serving leadership is based on a foundation of values and beliefs.

We chose to share our ideas with others in hopes that they can help expand our view of what’s possible in the world today. We understand that our shared values are a foundation of a more global view of what’s happening in our families, communities, and around the world.

Serving leadership has disrupted the world for several millennia and we expect our leaders to be many of the most revolutionary leaders in their times. We draw on the strength of knowing many problems in the world today cannot be overcome by thinking at the same level where the problem occurs.

The fourth quality of serving leadership in 2016 is we are comfortable and passionate about our ability to be a force for positive change. Serving leadership requires action and inaction depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Serving leaders are willing to learn from others and share joyfully what they know. They can serve as followers or leaders depending on the situation. They are constantly searching for better ways of helping and serving others.

Serving leadership is a discipline that is constantly growing and expanding our ability to bring to the world new ideas and tools. We understand that develop serving leaders requires us to help equip and empower leaders of future generations.

Finally, the fifth quality of serving leadership in 2016 requires us to be authentic when dealing with others. This means that we must know ourselves so that we may better understand others’ experiences of the world. Serving leadership allows us to become better people by learning and sharing in an open way. We have many challenges ahead the coming year, but we understand that we must be willing to honor both our and others’ contributions to our world.

We seek out opportunities to better understand others’ situations. Serving leaders understand that we can only see another’s situation from our own point of view. It is critical for us to understand that people are doing their best in any given situation. We must work to engage and empower them. Serving leaders are committed to helping others grow.

These five qualities point the way to being the change you want to see in the world. As serving leaders, we can make that change happen to improve and empower people across the globe in 2016.  See you next week.


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