What Can Wayne Dyer Teach You About Being a Successful Entrepreneur?

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What can Wayne Dyer teach you?

What can Wayne Dyer teach you?

I’m often asked what holds people back from success as an entrepreneur.  Several years ago, I heard Wayne Dyer talk about success in a co-created world. It changed how I look at the people with whom I work. How I apply it to business is that we must work more closely with our clients, partners, and other team members if we hope to create the experiences they want when they buy our products and services. He shared several ideas that hold back people from being all they can be in their lives.

For many serving leaders who sell professional services, it is extremely difficult to be successful if we don’t have our own lives in order. It’s critically important to consider yourself as part of the problem before you can become part of the solution.  Let’s see if I can share a different way of living life and doing business. I’ll share each of his ideas and then share how I think it can be applied in to today’s rapidly changing world.  This comes out of his book called The Power of Intention.  If you would like to learn more, pick up a copy of his book. If you’re stuck, you can find some great ideas to get you moving again. I know I have several copies so I can always find one when I need it.

The first rule Wayne Dyer shares is Stop being offended. Sound simple, but it’s not. Many of us let the littlest thing offend us. We let people push our buttons over and over again. Want a problem to go away?  Try ignoring it first. You might be surprise how quickly you get moving again.  Don’t give others control of your life.

The second rule Wayne Dyer shares is Let go of your need to win. As entrepreneurs, we like to win all the time. But at what cost to family, friendships, and people who are important to you? I’m a highly competitive person, but when I stopped worry about winning, I started to lose less often. Today, you must be willing to let go of things that are not as important to you to invest in the important things in life.  Serving leaders who don’t worry about winning are able to perform at higher levels for extended periods of time.

The third rule Wayne Dyer shares is Let go of your need to be right. How many times do you fight to prove you’re right?  My grandfather used to say, “Would you rather be right or happy?” When put this way, many of our arguments seem silly. So stop having to be right and watch how quickly the stress starts flowing out of your life.

The fourth rule Wayne Dyer shares is Let go your need to be superior. This rule is hard to master; many of the people I look up to are extraordinary. They may have earned the right to consider themselves superior, but most don’t. They are givers and I’m not talking just about money, they also give of their time and share their extraordinary gifts with others. I think we all can learn from people who are genuinely humble. This doesn’t mean that if you’re great, you shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy it.

Jim Rohn used to say how important it was to understand there is always someone who is doing something better than you. Learn from them and you will never stop growing. Successful people can be great teachers, but as importantly, they are voracious learners. They are always asking questions of other people. They are curious about almost everything they experience in their lives.

The fifth rule Wayne Dyer shares is Let go of identifying yourself on the basis of your achievements. Fame is fleeting. If you are always measuring yourself against your achievements, you will always fall short. To be successful, you must learn to keep perspective on your success.  When I was younger I didn’t understand it, in my early life I was a fierce competitor. It cost me several important relationships and promotions. Learn to accept your gifts gracefully and you will never be alone, no matter what happens.

I hope this gets you thinking. I know every time I review this part of the book it brings me back to reality. It never fails. So if you’re stuck, you might want to check out the book The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer.

Thursday, we share our Mother’s Day blog.  Mothers are so important in our family and community. What life lessons do we learn from them? I think you will enjoy our Mother’s Day blog on Thursday. I know I enjoyed writing it. See you here.

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