What I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving

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Take time to thank family and friends on Thanksgiving

I’ve been working all day trying to come up with a way of expressing my thanks for all of the people who make my life so remarkable. I know who you are and I know why I treasure you. Needless to say, some of these things are very hard to share or put into words.

Seneca once said “Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.” As we go into the Thanksgiving holiday, it is important to remember all we have to be thankful for. I can’t imagine my life without many of you in it. This past year, I’ve invested my life in reconnecting with the people who impacted it so much when I was young. I’ve been given an opportunity to thank the people who meant so much to me growing up. Since I make a living writing and sharing my thinking with many different people around the world, I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your busy days to read my writing and to share your thoughts with me.

At Developing Serving Leaders, I will continue sharing messages that inspire you to take the next steps in your life. These messages are meant to not only provide inspiration but help you achieve what you want from life. As serving leaders, we face many challenges in our lives. Focusing on serving the needs of others is not as easy as it seems. I’m hoping to motivate you to demand more from your life. I’ll continue providing you with the tools you need to grow and learn.

I know that you feel discouraged some days and other days you seem to fly above the ground. I strive to help you have more of the latter while providing ideas to help you avoid the former. When I sit down to write, I try to write to individuals, not to a group. I share what I’ve learned from many people who you might never know or meet. With all the things happening in the world today, it is critical to understand why you are so special to your family and friends.

Thanksgiving is a great time to show your appreciation for others. Take time this Thursday to thank the people who are so important to you, make sure they understand that you care for them. In hospice, it was great to see people reunite before the end of a loved one’s life. For most people outside of hospice, it doesn’t come so easily. We are given so few times to just say thank you to the ones we love.

When I dream of Thanksgiving, I think of the people who are no longer with us and generations yet unborn. In our family, Thanksgiving was always a special time in our lives. We get together with others to enjoy a meal and friendship. Sometimes it’s to meet new family members or talk about a new project we are working on. In times past I can remember sitting down with the oldest family members and they would share the traditions and the people they loved. You could feel the love in the room and it would expand to fill the neighborhood. Sometimes, the ghosts of Thanksgivings past return to remind us that the connections we make during these meals last forever.

I want to thank you for making me part of your life every week. I want to give thanks for all the people who continue to inspire me with their lives and their words. I have great things planned for this blog over the next year and hope you continue reading and sharing with others. It takes family and community to get through these challenging times, but I’m sure we will. We always have.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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Tripp Braden partners with entrepreneurs and senior executives on their high engagement C-Suite communication and content marketing strategies.

He believes client education is the best way of building trust and long term sustainable growth.

His consulting practice focuses on second stage entrepreneurs, technology organizations, and senior level business executives. Tripp partners with clients to develop high impact C-Suite communication and account based marketing strategies.

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Tripp Braden – who has written posts on Empowering Serving Leaders.

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