Introducing Eric Nager

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So how does a nonprofit deal with a changing economic environment? As you know, I spend my time meeting with many interesting people around the country talking about how to build and lead successful nonprofit organizations. With all of the ups and downs in the economy, I thought it might be helpful to bring in a person who understands these economic cycles and how it’s impacting your fundraising activities. I was lucky to find someone who had a strong background in investments while also understanding the environment we all work in. I met Eric Nager and after several in-depth discussions, discovered he had a passion for building winning teams, as well as having an understanding of what options are available to help you, the nonprofit leader better understand how to manage and leverage your fundraising opportunities. We felt that a good starting point would be a discussion of what’s happening in the current economic environment.

On Thursday this week he will present his first blog for Developing Serving Leaders. Please take time to review his biography before Thursday and read his blog. Let us know what you think. I know it will be worth your time.

Here’s a bit of Eric’s professional biography. Eric Nager is an Investment Advisor Representative with Southern Capital Services. He received his MBA from the University of South Alabama and a Masters in History from Harvard. Mr. Nager is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve and has been with Southern Capital for the past 12 years He’s author of Checklist for Checkmate: 15 Keys to Building a Successful Team. He can be reached at or at 251.626.1140

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