Can emotional intelligence take your life and business to the next level?

How can emotional intelligence help build a stronger team?How can emotional intelligence help build a stronger team?

How do you take your career and life to the next level? Emotional intelligence provides us a unique opportunity to transform our lives. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a critical skill to master after the pandemic!

EQ provides us an opportunity for growth and personal evolution. It gives us a an easily implementable toolkit to help us enjoy our life and work more.

Today EQ is helping people feel greater psychological safety and help them move out of overwhelm. You might find Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? What Will It Take To Grow Again? helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

I have worked and interviewed many different leaders around the world in many industries and markets.  At last count, over 16,000 leaders and the number keeps growing. As I share in my speeches, even a rock learns something dealing with so many different great leaders and followers.

Emotional intelligence creates strong organizations

From early stage organizations to global enterprises, my clients couldn’t be a more diverse group of leaders and teams. The one common trait they all share is emotional intelligence. If they don’t have it at the beginning of our relationship, they acquire it by the end, through coaching and the journey through life.

My best clients are great teachers. Almost all embrace a teaching mindset throughout their careers. All are tremendous students of life and business, in that order.

 I recently received several global influencer awards from Onalytica including diversity and inclusion, hybrid work, and future of work that prompted me to start thinking what’s next for the future of business. My long term clients are onboard. They trust my judgement; I help them seize new opportunities to help them grow personally and professionally.

Emotional intelligence provides foundation for success

What is the common element of success moving forward? How do we move forward together into an unknown future? Are you prepared to remove fear and uncertainty from your decisions? Going from random chance to creating more powerful choices in how you embrace your future?

When the pandemic swept the world last year, I started creating a series of remote presentations on emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs want to become more connected managers and increasingly engaged serving leaders. They want to have more impact on their lives, families, and communities.

Leadership Development with a social mentoring twist

I’ve been in the field of leadership development and organizational change for a long time. This time, it’s not only about the organization.  It’s about your mission, vision, and values that allow you to change our world.

The foundation of this transformation is mastering emotional intelligence. I have been sharing emotional intelligence since 2002 where I was exposed to EQ by Cary Cherniss and Dan Goleman’s work in Washington DC at the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy. It as called The Industrial College of the Armed Forces when I was there.

Deepdive helps provide social mentoring for growth

Back to the remote presentations!  Where can you find this series of audio programs on emotional intelligence? Sign up for free at DeepDive a social audio app for social mentorship. You can learn more about them in the article Deepdive launches a Social-audio App for Social Mentorship

On my Deepdive I cover a wide range of topics on emotional intelligence from the beginner’s guide to emotional intelligence to advanced topics over the coming weeks and months.

What to expect from emotional intelligence programs

The emotional intelligence audio programs provide you with a weekly audio based program that includes various leadership development materials including:

  • EQ exercises
  • Archival audio recordings
  • One or two page learning guides.
  • Expert interviews
  • How to strategies to help you implement EQ

I’ll also be  available on additional Deepdive programs over the coming weeks on leadership development and organizational transformation with Jeremy Lucabaugh PhD and Thomas Bradshaw and a number of other fantastic experts who provide context to many of the changes we see in organizations today.

If you would like to learn more about Deepdive you might enjoy their blog. I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned on Deepdive and Clubhouse. See you there!

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