Are you feeling overwhelmed? What will it take to grow again?

How do you go beyond risk to grow?How do you go beyond risk to grow?

What will it take for you to grow again? Do you feel like so many people, overwhelmed and underappreciated? Are you fearful of what the future will hold?  When was the last time things went the way you expected?

How are you managing your emotions?

Many of the people I know who don’t get shaken by anything are struggling at this time.  I got a call from my friend J, I’ll use his initial  because I don’t want to embarrass him. He’s been a friend for an exceptionally long time. He asked me what I think about the current COVID19 crisis. I exploded! Not exactly the best way to treat a longtime friend. He diffused the situation quickly by asking what I really felt.

People are allowing fear to cloud their judgement.

Fear seldom produces a positive outcome over the short or long term. Fear is a disabling emotion. It can help at certain times in our lives, but we must master this emotion to grow again.

He then asked me what’s changed. I shared that people aren’t doing what they need to do to make better decisions for themselves, families, and communities. I believe many people are overwhelmed by the current news and incomplete information.

He asked if I could give an example? I said yes, I asked what’s the percentage of people who have survived after having COVID19? He said probably around 50%?

How many people are surviving Covid19?

Actually, I said the number is more like over 90%.  The number may be closer to 95% depending who you talk with. He didn’t believe me! Actually, many of my doctor friends have told me that is a conservative number. I’m not trying to make light of the situation. For anyone who loses someone, statistics don’t matter. I’m deeply sorry for your loss.

You can find more information at Fact check: Does COVID-19 have a mortality rate of 1%-2%?

Can today’s news help you grow?

What’s causing your sense of overwhelm? Could it be the 24 hour news cycle? Could it be if you spend  anytime online or reading you can’t go five minutes without a fear-based news report sharing another horror story or failure of some government official. When will we step up and take responsibility?

I got several comments the first day of publication so I thought it be helpful to share the research that led me to believe there is a breakdown in trust with the media.

This happens to politicians of both political parties. I’m tired of the finger pointing from people who don’t run anything but their mouths. If you don’t like the job they’re doing, run for office. Enough said.

It’s for our own good.

We need to know what’s wrong. They are here to protect our interests. But they’re not. They are here to protect their own agenda. I fell off the milk truck, but not yesterday. This is why trust in the media is at an all time low. They keep telling us we don’t understand.

Try this, why don’t you try to share the good that is occurring as well. I’ve heard many stories of people stepping up. For example, individuals that were told they should expect to die. They lived. I’m told good news won’t sell. Not anymore. What changed?  

Why do we accept other people’s opinions on such a critical issue? Before you accept another’s opinion, make sure they know what they are talking about.

Mortality rate for COVID19 is not over 20%.

I recently had a friend tell me the mortality rate for COVID19 is over 20%. He had a friend tell him. Don’t be my friend with the wrong information. Take the time to learn what’s true.  Secondhand information kills as many people as secondhand smoke. Think about it!

There’s enough blame to go around.

I’m not here to alienate people but you’re not getting a complete story. We never do. It’s critical in times of crisis to do your own research. Don’t swallow the party line from any party.

Blame doesn’t solve anything. You have a contribution to make. Jump into the discussion. Be ready to grow again. Learn what is said by people who know what they’re talking about.

How do you grow again?

Be curious. Ask questions. Be proactive in your learning. Don’t be afraid to challenge the other’s facts. Grow!!! I’ve worked with enough doctors who got it wrong. Businesspeople who have all the answers. The list could go on forever. Want to grow again? Educate yourself to what’s happening. Don’t be the victim!

Learning and understanding can cast a light on fear. Fear cannot survive under harsh light of reality. Sorry about climbing onto a soapbox. You can’t imagine how strongly I feel about this.  

It’s critical for serving leaders to become better at managing these opportunities and risks. You might find this article helpful Can Serving Leaders Become Better at Managing Risk? as you make decisions over the coming weeks.

Next week I’ll share several questions that can help you jump start your business.     

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