Is your mobile marketing ready for today’s changing markets?

Can your mobile website help knockout your competition?Can your mobile website help knockout your competition?

In the always on world of mobile marketing how long do you have to get your customers’ attention? Last blog we talked about the importance of headlines in your marketing efforts.

I received  several notes from readers asking how does this apply to mobile marketing? How is this changing, given so many of your clients are now working on mobile devices?

Facts to consider for mobile marketing efforts.

55.1 million internet users access the internet exclusively through their mobile phone.

73% of consumers leave a poorly-designed mobile site to a competitor’s site that makes purchasing easier.

COVID19 empowers your B2B buyer to become even more dependent on their mobile devices than in the past.

What does this mean to you?

I believe we see a convergence between your customer at home and your customer at work. This makes sense given the recent events.

The lines are blurring between B2B and B2C. This has happened before in business. Pop quiz:  Remember when AOL changed your clients’ expectations on what’s possible with the internet? How many of your bosses asked you to create something remarkably similar to AOL for your business, all for under $250,000 in the mid 90’s!  Am I dating myself here? 

Converging buying behavior between B2B and B2C

Emerging consumer preferences towards mobile are setting new expectations in how B2B buyers buy. The good news is this is only a stage in digital transformation for your markets.

Here are three key things to remember about a mobile ready website. If you consider and improve these three keys your mobile efforts allow you to continue to be successful. They are not the end!

Is your website mobile responsive?

This means that your web site works on any number of devices and platforms. Have you ever tested your site on several different platforms to understand what your customer experience is like?  

Are your clients able to quickly navigate your site?

Take out your phone, now look at your site. How does it look ? Is it easy to navigate? How did you do?

Is your site built for conversion and fast readability?

Do your headlines stand out? Do they draw people in or leave them wondering? Your headlines and first sentences should be powerful. Fail to do this and people move on. Big blocks of text are hard to read on mobile devices.

As a former long form copywriter my biggest weaknesses is failing to understand the media I’m writing for. Then a client paid for SEO training to help me better understand what needed to happen to my writing to make it work on mobile devices. It almost instantly changed my writing style and the results they got.

Here’s my favorite gotcha on mobile marketing. How easy is it to order on your site? Not just products but other things a client needs. My clients are amazed how difficult it is to get help on their sites. Consider when you insert the human element to drive experience and results?

Before you think that’s crazy, consider this, the average age of my clients has decreased by almost 12 years over the past two. My executive clients are getting younger and in many cases are digital natives. Even when they have grey hair.

This is always why I hired younger editors who are also trained in SEO principles. I helped clients do the same.

Is your website mobile search friendly?    

Both paid and organic search continue to change what gets seen by potential clients.  We can’t beat the search system over time. It is designed from the customer’s point of view. It also is heavily weighted to longer search  phrases  that attract your ideal client.

While I’m on this topic, understand how your site is being read and seen by the search engines. As of today, your amazing photography is not yet read to give you an edge.

This is changing but don’t allow your fancy illustrations and photos carry the day. Know how to tag your illustrations and photos so they bring higher credibility and authority to your site.

How does your client search for your solution?

Mobile  is about content stickiness. 

Does your site provide better customer experiences? To be found, focus on these key elements that can attract people to your site.

  • Page Title
  • Description
  • Headlines

These must match up with how your clients and the search engines see your product and service offerings. The good news is that many of your competitors don’t read my blogs! 

It’s critical that you plan your digital engagement strategy. This earlier article will get you started Do You Have a Digital Engagement Strategy?

Let’s talk about these issues in more detail and what they look like for your site. Give me a call. I can be reached by phone at 440-293-8811.  We can walk through your site in real time to see how we might increase sales and conversions. I’m certain it will be worth your time.

We will return to this next week to see how to apply these standards to your website marketing capabilities. We’ll also start talking about the role of breakthrough content in your marketing mix.

 See you then.

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