Merry Christmas, Seven Gifts You Should Bring Your Clients in 2019!

What gifts should you bring your clients in the coming year? What gifts should you bring your clients in the coming year?

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. How will you serve your clients better in 2019? What gifts should you bring your clients in the coming year? These are the gifts that can help make a difference to others in your lives.

Who inspires you? Why do you do you do what you do? As importantly, who can help you be all you can be?  In my case, I celebrate His birthday on December 25th. I celebrate His life’s mission, vision, and values, almost every day.  I try to model them as a trusted advisor.

Here are seven gifts that make Jesus Christ an extraordinary leader and mentor. If we can share these gifts with clients, we can change the world. We face many challenges and opportunities to choose from. Our choices create our future. If you gave your clients these gifts I believe you would become a more trusted advisor and leader.

The first gift you should bring your clients is courage. Why courage? Courage allows us to do what’s right even when others tell us we may be wrong. Jesus Christ was very clear in how He led His life and what He expected from others. Courage to tell people the way it is, is the foundation of a trusted advisor.

Your clients are overwhelmed by a constant barrage of negativity from many directions. Be the person that helps them stand up and stand out from all the noise in their lives. You need to help your clients be courageous in the coming year. Courage is contagious. Be courageous.

The second gift you should bring your clients is listening to them. Jesus Christ was a tremendous listener. He heard both the said and unsaid. He listened for the best in people and always found it.

Listen closely, you’ll be surprised by what you hear, said and unsaid. Learn to ask more penetrating questions. Make silence be your partner in influencing others. This can make you more like Jesus Christ.

The third gift you should bring your clients is wisdom. Many people believe that technology will replace advisors. I believe this is true only if we build our advisory practices on knowledge, information, and lowest price. To be like Jesus, you need to learn to share your wisdom in easily digestible stories.

Are you willing to share your perspectives on what is happening in the markets long before its needed?  Providing context on current and past events? You must establish trust with people throughout your relationships with them. Find new ways to communicate with others on a regular basis.

Learn how to share your wisdom with others in different ways. Make clients feel like insiders to what you know. Then watch your practice  grow!

The fourth gift you should bring your clients is compassion. Compassion means you can understand how others feel and you have empathy in each situation. This means you know how and when you should get more involved in a situation. Jesus was compassionate towards others. Always. This didn’t always make him popular when challenging traditional ways of doing things.

Many people have little compassion when dealing with other’s futures. I’ve seen people lose much, and others seem untouched by the same situation. Don’t let it be said you lack compassion for yourself or others.

The fifth gift you should bring your clients is imagination. How creative are you? Are you good at helping people see the future? Imagination can provide a bridge to a brighter future. Imagination is the secret of highly successful people. It can help them sustain hope in the most challenging situations.

Imagination can help them fly!  If your story aligns with the client’s imagination you can help them achieve their goals. Jesus understood inspiration and imagination are an unbeatable combination.

The sixth gift you should bring your client is community.  Jesus Christ understood that all of us are more powerful than one of us. Community can make people feel engaged and empowered to act. If you want people to act, help bring them into your community until it’s theirs.

Good leaders are inclusive. They want everyone to achieve their personal and professional goals. Learn how to connect people to the community. Be the bridge that connects them to others.

Finally, the seventh gift you should bring your clients is service. Jesus understood that service to others can transform your life. When you serve others, you can change the world.

Serving leadership is transformational leadership. It’s takes your influence to a higher level. By providing service  you can impact others today and in the future. Jesus Christ did not teach service; His life was service. How can you make your life service? I’m looking forward to serving you in 2019 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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