Can You Build a Team of Leaders the Rangers Way?

Commitment to ongoing training make Rangers a formidable team.Commitment to ongoing training make Rangers a formidable team.

How do you build a team of high performing leaders who can accomplish all your goals? What do today’s best leaders look like? What makes them stand out from the crowd? I got a note this week reminding me that the Army Rangers, as we know them, are seventy-five years old this year in June.  

A former Army officer asked me why I haven’t talked about my experiences with the U.S.Army Rangers in my articles about high performing teams. I have known many of their leaders over the years, some of the finest men I’ve known in my life.

It wasn’t because I wasn’t familiar with Rangers’ operations. I had the opportunity to work with several senior officers from their teams before I went to Washington D.C. to teach. They shared stories with me to help me understand our combined mission. They were fun guys to learn from in a “I get things done” way.

When I was working out, I met a young man who was preparing to go to one of the military academies. He told me his brother was an Army Ranger. I had worked out with his brother before, but I never thought of him as a member of this exclusive team.  He was quiet and confident, very comfortable in his own skin. I should have suspected!

Want to know what this serving leader told his younger brother?  This is what he shared.

Army Rangers are committed to something larger than themselves. A higher purpose that creates a band of brothers who know they can count on each other, defending freedom throughout the world.

Army Rangers are committed to integrity and honor in dealing with their lives and that of others. They understand that this may seem old fashioned but this is how they live all their lives.

Army Rangers believe in multidimensional leadership. Sometimes, they will be called to lead and other times, to follow. In both roles, they will do it with excellence.

Army Rangers are mentally tough. They never let circumstances get the better of them. They never quit. The never allow failure to overtake them in any circumstances.

Army Rangers are emotionally intelligent. They are very good at knowing who they are, and who they are dealing with no matter, what the circumstances.

Army Rangers believe in personal and team excellence. They do this through discipline, innovation, and ongoing personal development. They will not be outexecuted or outthought in any situation.

Army Rangers believe it’s a privilege to serve others through their leadership. They serve a higher purpose that empowers them with the will to succeed.

Army Rangers respect other people’s rights to make their own decisions. He knew his brother would make the right decision.

For 75 years, men and women have served in the Army Rangers with distinction and honor.

Here’s a question for you, my fellow serving leader. What kind of man or women would you want to represent your country or organization? 75 years and still growing stronger. They are still leading the way!

Happy 75th Anniversary to the US Army Rangers.

See you next week.

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