Can entrepreneurs develop and build high performing teams?

Who will be members of your high performing teams?Who will be members of your high performing teams?

How do we develop high performing teams today? Every day, we read another story about some amazing technology that is going to take away our jobs and careers. We are constantly being told that machines are going to replace us in the workplace. For just a moment, think paperless office. It’s certainly not happening here yet.

I believe that high performing teams will be augmented by new technologies. Not replaced by them. New opportunities will be created for people who are open to teaming up with other people and technologies. I believe, in most cases, these new technologies require high performing teams to get the most out of them. No one person, no matter how talented, can do it all.

In the past, my writing has focused on helping executives, entrepreneurs, and serving leaders develop the skills needed to become better leaders for their families, communities, and, many times, their organizations. I shared the lessons learned from the many people I’ve worked with in my life. I’ve had some very good teachers.

The information we’ve shared helped people become leaders of their families, organizations, and communities. They have had unlimited futures because of their increased leadership capabilities. Today, many see their role at this stage of life is to develop other leaders and teams.

Recently, an associate asked me what I want to be remembered for. He continued, “You have become very good at many things, but your leadership brand has become very diluted.” He believed the gap was showing up every part of my life. I asked him if he had been talking with my wife or accountant?

He felt if I truly want to leave a lasting leadership legacy, it would come from becoming extraordinary at one thing. Focus my time on creating a body of work that can impact others by its successful implementation. What was that one thing that I want to share with the world? The one thing that energizes me, no matter what may be happening in my life.  I’ve always loved working with high performing teams.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t involved in high performing teams. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people be part of a high performing team. Even in my early career, I was the leader in organizations because I was always willing to try new things. My teammates were many of the most innovative people in the room. From hospice to artificial intelligence, I always got picked to be on their teams.

Over the past 12 months, I’ve started travelling again for business. I’ve been invited to work with many incredible people and technologies. From advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, to the Internet of Things, all these things share a common foundation. All these new technologies require a high performing team to maximize the positive impact they have on our lives, communities, and organizations.

This got me thinking, maybe it’s time to change the direction of my consulting and coaching practice. I can coach and share what the best people know about developing and leading high performing teams.  I can invest my life learning how high performing teams work together. I can share what I learn with others.

I will be constantly looking for stories of high performing teams to share with you, our readers. We will focus on how high performing teams work. We will share practical, implementable tips and strategies that help you take your teams’ performance to a different level.

Believe it or not, the first version of this blog was called Extraordinary Partnerships. It changed after several years when I left my corporate career to coach entrepreneurs while taking care of terminally ill family and friends. You cannot imagine how different life looks after helping people who were going to die. My hospice work changed who I am forever. Talk about a high performing team, this hospice team was incredible.

Starting next week, we begin sharing our blog under a different banner and name.  The working title is Developing High Performing Teams. I get final approval for this with my investors and stakeholders this weekend. It’s easier said than done, but I expect it will go well!

Before we leave Developing Serving Leaders behind, I would like to thank you for supporting our blog for so many years, through many changes that have occurred both personally and professionally. At last count, we’ve had over 130,000 people read our blogs here.

Next week, we start our next conversation together about developing high performing teams. See you here!

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