Can Engaging Your Purpose Make You Unstoppable in 2017?

How do you reach your life's purpose?How do you reach your life's purpose?

What one piece of advice would make 2017 an extraordinary year? Engage your purpose and take your life to the next level.  Every super successful entrepreneur I’ve ever known embraces their unique purpose.

I have found there are three things you need  to achieve your purpose to create an extraordinary life. I see it as a process that anyone can do if they are willing to invest the time to live a more exciting life. There are three Ps in this process. They are simple to read, they are maybe slightly more difficult to execute.

The first P in developing a purpose driven life is passion. If you lack passion, you can never live your life on purpose. Passion is the missing ingredient in so many people’s lives.  What are you passionate about?

What do you do that excites you? When you get up in the morning, what provides your energy and drive? Passions make an old person come alive and a younger person wise. Maybe not so wise, but certainly alive!

What would you do if you had all the money you needed?  When you are passionate, you can influence others to join your cause. Your purpose is something you can share that gets you up and keeps you moving. What are you passionate about?

The second P in developing a purpose driven life is for the people in your life. People with purpose hang around with others with purpose. It’s interesting, but I see so many people that want to engage their purpose until they run into their peer group who don’t feel the same passion. When you ask a child what they want to be, they can list 50 things. Ask a grownup and many people struggle to have more than one or two ideas.

Tell me the people you surround yourself with and I will know if you’re are living a life of purpose. The one common idea I learned from my most extraordinary clients is they are very careful in who they invest their lives with.

Many people say it’s easy if your Richard Branson or Warren Buffett to choose who you spend time with. I would suggest to you these leaders have always chosen the people they invest their time in. They understand the power of the peer group to influence who you become.

Are you willing to find the individuals who will support your dreams? They should provide you feedback and help you remain focused on what you are trying to achieve. This doesn’t mean they will just go along with you on your path. What it does mean is they will help you define and refine your purpose. They will challenge you to keep growing.

How do the people in your life stack up when you use these standards for choosing who you associate with? The people in life will either positively contribute or delay you achieving your goals. Which do the people in your life do?

The final P in developing a purpose driven life is performance. I believe you can have the other two qualities, but lack strength and commitment to act. Without action, you will never lead a purpose driven life.

Performance will allow you to grow and change.  The way I see purpose is that it requires you to act on what you want to do. I have several friends who are very critical of my writing. They are great writers or so I’m told. They are always open to offering me help when it comes to writing.

Here’s the problem; they see their writing as their gift to the world. One they are slow to give away.  They are slow to take the earlier steps. They can tell me all about their next great novel, but they never start. Writing is an has always been a performance art. You do writing, your writing can’t do itself. Not yet.

They are very critical of others’ writing, but never try to improve their own. Writing is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it, or so my wife tells me.  My friends write only occasionally, that is, they write about once every second Thursday. Writing can be hard work. Almost any purpose can be thought about, talked about and even shared with other people.

If you want to lead a purpose driven life it is critical you act. It’s just that simple.

Next week, I’ll help you find your purpose and get you started on your own unique path.

See you next week.


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