How to Recruit Millennials for Your Growing Business!

How do you recruit millennials to your team?How do you recruit millennials to your team?

How do you recruit the best people for your teams? How can you attract, recruit, and onboard millennials for your organization? Last week, we talked about attracting great people to your team. Today, I share the how-tos of recruiting your next generation of leaders across the organization.

In many cases, these people may be millennials. If you’re an older entrepreneur, or just a type A with an attitude, you might find this article helpful when you are recruiting millennials.

Here are four keys to help you recruit millennials. These ideas are more about you than you might imagine. Before we start though, let me ask you to consider why you went to work where you did.

Many entrepreneurs are terminally unemployable. We are malcontents. So what did we do?  We decided to start our own business to be free of bosses who didn’t understand us. Now fast forward to today. We want people who are not like us to come work for us.  Are you able to recruit the best people for your organization?

Enter the millennial team member. From your perspective, they are nothing like us. They are soft and uncommitted to their organizations. They want everything now. They don’t want to pay their dues by working for your organization. They want to be leaders and they want to lead now. Why do I get this strong sense of déjà vu? Haven’t we been here before?

The first way to recruit millennials is to understand where they are coming from. Don’t assume you always have the best answer. Be willing to ask questions and to listen actively. This means not judging them or running everything they say through your personal experiences. To recruit millennials, you must understand this generation is not your own. Although, as you recruit you might discover they are more similar to you than you think.

The second way to recruit millennials is to help them understand why your organization is the best use of their talents today. There is nothing wrong with saying, “From what I know today, we offer an extraordinary opportunity for the right person.” Don’t be afraid to build off what they say during your initial discussions. Help them connect the dots as to why your organization is a great place to develop their talents. Many employers fail to understand how good the deal they have is.

Many recruiting efforts fail because of how they are structured to start. You cannot recruit people successfully if you are focused only on your own agenda. Learn how to sell your opportunity through questions and you are well on your way to recruiting millennials.

Do you recruit only when you have openings? Or are you always looking for great talent for your team? Learn to recruit without openings and you will be surprised how quickly your organization grows.

If you’re successfully leading an organization, you should always have a talent pipeline created in case someone is promoted or leaves. Many of the millennials I have recruited leave their current employers because they’re irreplaceable.  That’s not a good thing.  Irreplaceable means you can’t move up and they get tired of waiting.

Friday this week we will talk about how to change your interview style to help you recruit more millennials. A couple of small changes and you will be surprised how much easier it is to recruit great millennials.  See you then.

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