Can Denise Lawrence Help You with Your Growing Nonprofit?

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So many changes are going on in nonprofits; it’s hard to keep up. How do you find the right person to help your organization grow and prosper? Demand for time and resources is constantly evolving and changing.  The internet and social media is expanding your reach, but also competition for many nonprofits.

I understand that collaboration is critical to build a great nonprofit, but is that enough? I see too many nonprofits just getting by. Many great causes fail to find the funding they need to impact our communities.

Many of nonprofits seem to struggle to build successful communities even as the economy begins to grow and prosper again. They struggle with the operational part of special events and capital fundraising.

I believe even the most successful nonprofits and foundations struggle when it comes to creating a bigger vision for their organization. Those who do require different skills than those of many of their founders.  Times are changing and they require a more strategic way of looking at what they do.

I thought it was time to bring on another expert who can help you with the many different aspects of growing a successful nonprofit organization. This person would have to have strong a fundraising background. She would have to complement the other people on our team and she would need to provide value to the 62,000 serving leaders in our community with information that can help the many different stakeholders here on a regular basis.

I believe I found the right person that can help you better understand what you need to do to attract the right people to your cause. She should be able to provide you with significant operational experience raising larger amounts of money through special events and capital campaigns. She would also have extensive resources that can help you reach your goals. She would need to complement Dennis Fischman’s great social media and storytelling expertise.

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our Developing Serving Leader team. Her name is Denise Lawrence and she provides over 28 years of fundraising experience to our team. She has helped raise over 30 million dollars in her nonprofit career.

Denise started her career writing for The Washington Times in Washington D.C. as a reporter and has many great stories to share from those years. She soon got involved in grant writing and helped many organizations receive grants.

All these things would make her qualified to write for Developing Serving Leaders. But that’s not why she’s here. Denise Lawrence is here because she brings fresh, new perspective on nonprofits that I believe helps all of us become stronger organizations. She has successfully helped organizations rebrand and reconnect with their key stakeholders. She is here because I asked her to share her thinking on where she sees nonprofits going over the next several years, then help you develop a plan to implement your larger vision.

Denise has created a wide range of capital campaigns, big and small, for a number of different organizations.  They have a wide range of challenges just like the ones you face on an everyday basis.  I found her thinking refreshing and I think you will to.  Please welcome to our team Denise Lawrence of Charity Consultants. You can find out more about Charity Consultants at her website if you would like to see the many different projects she’s been involved in.   We will be publishing her first blog this coming Friday.  I look forward to hearing what you think.

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