How do you build a life that you want to live in?

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How do you graduate to the life you want?

How do you graduate to the life you want?

Two weeks ago I asked you three big questions to get you restarted on seeking the life you want. I asked you to think about what it is you really want in life and, as importantly, what you don’t want. How will you know when you’re successful? I promised this week to help you begin the changes required to live the life of your dreams. To do this you have to answer several more questions, to keep moving forward.

Before we begin this journey together, I have to ask, “Are you committed to making the changes you need to succeed?” Let’s face it, it’s very difficult to change. By nature, many of us feel that we are right and, to be honest, we see change as a painful event. At worst, it is an experience that should be avoided, if possible, and, at best, something that happens once a year, needed or not. So, before we take another step, are you ready to change? If you’re not, that’s okay, but understand the cost if you don’t change. You can hide behind all the crazy ideas in the world. You have everything you need, all you have to do is wait and the world will come to your door. I have another question for you. How’s that working for you? If life was working out the way you wanted, you wouldn’t be reading this blog today, would you? You would be out taking positive action towards the change you want to be in the world.

The reason you must commit to change is that you’re going to start marshaling your resources. Before you go out and ask for help, determine if you really want to do this. There is nothing more sad or difficult than seeing your same friends and not being able to share your progress. So now let’s get to the next three questions you need to answer if you want to succeed in taking charge of your life.

The next question is simple. What dangers or challenges do you face that need to be eliminated? Simple, isn’t it? There has to be a reason that you aren’t doing what you love. I’m sure given a clear opportunity, you would pursue the life of your dreams. There must be something stopping you. So what is stopping you? What would happen if you took fear out of the equation? We all fear something and to achieve our dreams we must confront our fears.

The third question begins transforming your life in an instant. It gives you the confidence to know you can be all you want to be. You’re now moving forward and since you’re moving, you must be willing to ask the question, “What opportunities in your life need to be captured?” We all see opportunities, what we do with what we see defines our success in life. So what opportunities do you see today? Every one of us sees hundreds of opportunities to make a difference. What do you see and how might you begin pursuing these opportunities?

The final question is one that insures that you achieve everything you want in life. The final question is, “What strengths do you need to maximize?” Every person has a unique set of strengths. There are no good or bad strengths, they just are. To have the life of your dreams, you must be willing to take your strengths up a level. You must leverage who you are to achieve all that you can be. When I coach entrepreneurs and business leaders, this is the most powerful step in our work together. You must embrace who you are and what you do well. So many people don’t go that extra mile and refine their strengths. Instead, they spend all of their time trying to fix their weaknesses. It is funny to me that most people spend their time working on their weaknesses rather than embracing their strengths. I know it’s not easy. Most people are afraid of being all they can be. They fear what would happen if they unleashed their gifts on the world.

So what are your strengths? How well developed are they? What would it mean if you used all of your strengths? Think how you might apply them to make a difference in your life and the lives of your family, friends, and community. I’m waiting to hear how you’re changing the world. See you back here next Tuesday.

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