I Will Miss Her Smile

My mother unexpectedly passed away this week, on the eve of her 79th birthday. My friends and associates who knew her know she battled much of her life with chronic depression and borderline personality disorder. For those who have family members or friends that fight these illnesses you understand how this can change your world.

She was my biggest cheerleader and my most ardent supporter. Her illness could bring me to knees and make me question my belief in a loving God. Not such a good thing for a man who has spent a lifetime working and sharing God with others. Her illness brought me the most incredible opportunities to learn and develop the capacity for compassion and unconditional love. I will miss her smiling facing and her wonderful sense of humor; I will miss her emotional storms. I will miss her.

Until we meet again in a place that she will be completely healthy and restored where her funny limericks will make the angels blush and the Lord smile. God bless my mother Jackie for all she was and how she made me the man I am today.

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