Social Media: A Massive Opportunity for SMB B2Bs

This week’s guest blogger on Market Leadership Journal is Bob Leonard of acSellerant. I’m pleased to introduce Bob to the readers of the Extraordinary Partnerships blog. I thought his insights on using social media might be helpful to all of you. I learned about Bob while working on a project for one of my MSP clients. Bob brings significant experience to the B2B space and has worked with many leading technology businesses to help them grow to the next level. This week, on Wednesday, Bob is going to be sharing his thinking on why your business must explore social media to grow your business. He will share the strategies that have helped his clients successfully move into social media. At the end of the blog, he will offer a white paper that many of you have been asking for and I’ve asked Bob to share with you. So read Bob’s guest blog and get his white paper on the evolving role of Cloud services in your business.

Bob Leonard is the managing consultant at acSellerant. He’s a veteran B2B marketer with stints as a marketing executive at Interleaf, GTE, and EMC. Prior to that, Bob worked in Sales and Sales Support at Digital Equipment Corp. Today Bob works with SMB (20 to 100 employees) B2B IT providers (ISVs, MSPs, SIs and VARs); helping them grow their businesses, navigate an evolution to Cloud Services, and maximizes valuations in anticipation of a business sale.

You can find Bob’s blog at Market Leadership Journal.

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