Guest Blogger on Prospecting Starts Tomorrow

No one denies there’s a LOT of content on the web.  I don’t think anyone would disagree that not all of that content is great.  Quite a bit of it really isn’t even very good.  With everything else you have on your plate, who’s got time to sort through all of that to find the good stuff?  Relax, that’s why I’m here, to sort the bad from the good from the great.

Many of you have already found that I don’t hesitate to share a great article I’ve found or information you need right now.  Along with links and my own take on things, I’ll also be hosting guest bloggers right here with news you can use.  I look at everything most of us have going in our day and I still think there’s got to be a better way to do it.  Those are the articles, research and people I’m looking for, those that agree that there’s a better way to get things done.

Since I talk about the entire sales and marketing process for partnerships, one of the people you’ll be seeing here is Keith Luscher.  Keith is an expert at prospecting, having written the book on it called Prospect & Flourish.  He’s spent years working with professionals, advising them on marketing and prospecting, and developing groundbreaking educational curriculum.

In Keith’s first article, he talks about the cost of not prospecting.  Are you spending too much by NOT finding and working leads yourself?  Keith sends some time explaining how much it’s really costing you not to prospect in everything you do.

So join me tomorrow to find out more about “How Much Are You Paying NOT to Prospect?”  I’m looking forward to sharing his insights with you.

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