How to Succeed in Sales and Marketing by Really Doing

I talk to a lot of people in the course of a week.  I brainstorm with quite a few, help some with their job searches, and just catch up with the others.  My wife says I’d be lost without a telephone.  I enjoy talking with all of these people, but it’s recently struck me how many don’t have basic marketing skills.  For example, if you’re trying to find a job in this economy, you need to market yourself.  If you’re starting or trying to grow a business, you need marketing skills.  New technologies are impacting how we market, but you still need to know the basics to see how to integrate the new social media into your marketing.

I’ve been doing sales and marketing for nearly thirty years, from my first job out of college selling Kirby vacuums, door to door to a single deal worth $50 million to my client.  Let me tell you, if you wanted to last, you learned about sales really quickly!  I’ve moved on from there, but I’ve always been involved in sales and marketing, even as a search consultant.  I’ve also learned to keep in touch with my network.  After Warren Buffet bought Scott and Fetzer (who owned Kirby), I had several searches for his companies. I’ve learned a lot, mostly by trial and error.  I’ve been fortunate to share what I’ve learned to a number of graduate level classes in several colleges, from Case Western and Miami University to the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.  A number of people I know have told me that I need to share that knowledge with more than a few lucky business classes.  Because of those conversations, I’ve decided to become a marketing resource for those of you that know sales and marketing is changing but aren’t sure how that impacts you.  Think of me as your guide in the changing marketing jungle!

You’ve find a wealth of information both on this blog and my website ( like articles, product reviews, stories, and case studies.  Periodically, I’ll take polls to see where you are and what you need help on.  I’ll be with you to guide you to the right products and resources to increase your sales and market share.  So, join me as we plot out the course to succeed and exceed in the new marketing jungle!  Let me know what topics you’d really like to know more about.  I want this journey to be successful for you.

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