Do You Need a Performance Partner?

I know you’re smart.  You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t!  But smart isn’t always a good thing.  When we’re smart we have tendency to overthink things.  If we have a question or want to know something, we jump right in and look it up, troll the Internet, scan countless websites, looking for the answer we need.  That doesn’t sound like a problem, does it?  But it is.

How much time do you spend looking up information on the Internet?  Once you get started clicking links and checking out websites, you can forget what you went out there to find.  There was a syndicated columnist named Sidney Harris who used to periodically publish a column called, “Things I Learned While Looking Up Something Else,” or something along those lines.  When you’re out there surfing, you find out a lot of interesting information you can add to your general knowledge, because you’re smart.  But did you find the answer to your question?

And if you did find the answer, how do you know it’s right?  Anyone with a computer and access to the Internet can share their opinions as fact.  How do you know the source is credible?  When you’re looking for answers to questions concerning your partnerships and how to make the most of them, you need to know the veracity of your information.  You need someone that can guide you through the maze of information out there.

That got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you had a trusted guide out there, someone to give you a hand tracking down the information you need, right now, to grow your partnerships?  I already spend a lot of time out on the Internet.  Because of my background and experience, I’ve learned how to find the best, most credible information on the Internet.  So, to help you out, I’ll be starting a new feature on my website called Executive Briefings.  Executive Briefings will be recorded interviews with experts on a specific topic, filled with information you can put to use right away.  I’m also adding links to blogs and other resources to help grow your emerging technology or software partnerships. I’ll be adding new information all the time, so bookmark the website and check back often.  Because we’ve already determined you’re smart!

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