How to Get the Most out of Your MicroBizMatters Day January 10, 2020!

How do you celebrate MicroBizMatters day 2020?How do you get the most out of MicroBizMatters Day january 10,2020?

How do you get the most out of MicrobizMatters Day on January 10, 2020? Every year I attend this event.  Every year it gets better and better! Is this your first time attending the event? Maybe you’re a veteran. It doesn’t matter.  Here’s how can you get the most out of the time you’re investing in the day!

I’ve got several ideas that I’ve used to help create value for myself and other attendees both in person and online. Depending on how and where you’re attending this event you can find many different ways of creating value for the day. Let’s see if I can get you ready for the event this Friday, January 10, 2020 in ten minutes or less. Hold on, it’s going to be a quick ride to success!

Recognize the other people participating in the event.  Recognition is a critical to success in your Microbiz. How do you do this? I make it a habit to find all the speakers and sponsors involved in the program. Every year, I add several great people to my networks. I don’t go out and try to add hundreds of people, I just add a few great people to my LinkedIn network every event.

I’m happy finding the people who share a similar view of the world. The people in your room or online have similar values.  This is the foundation of many great potential partnerships.  Take time to collect business cards and brochures.

When networking, consider setting up the conversation by saying “It’s great to meet you in person. I’d love to set up a brief conversation after the event to see how we might partner.” Successful Microbiz owners are great collaborators.

Take action.  I know it can be uncomfortable to meet people for the first time. Here’s my favorite tip. Prepare in advance to meet certain people at the event. Consider inviting your friends and partners to a MicroBizMatters event. I find having a few friends in the crowd  makes it easier to get into action.  Be willing make connections for other people. Be the bridge between different people.

Even when I attend an event virtually, I’m looking for people who might be good partners for each other. Here’s a simple way to introduce yourself. Retweet other people’s messages. Have fun with it, run around and take selfies, make it enjoyable. Did you just tweet that great comment? I loved it! Take a quick photo to share with the hashtags #microbizmatters #Payin30Days

If you are shy, you can do what I do. I have several songs I listen to that get me in the mood to meet people. I use humor or something fun to help me stand out from a crowd. Think of Tony Robinson and his signature hat. It hard not to smile when you see his hat.  Stand out in the crowd.  

Finally, Learning. MicrobizMatters Day is about creating a great learning environment. There is nothing more fun than learning new ideas and shortcuts that help you build a great MicroBiz. Ask questions, find out how successful Microbiz owners have built their businesses.

I have a simple goal; I want to learn one thing from each presentation I attend. Then I want to share it with others using Twitter and the different #hashtags including #microbizmatters #Payin30Days Look for other people to retweet and reshare them. Last year we were trending on Twitter for several hours in the UK.

Try this, let’s see how many different messages we can share for MicroBizMatters Day!

Here’s something else you can do to capture all the great information being shared. Do a Twitter search with the hashhtags  #microbizmatters #Payin30Days  You can cut and paste them  into a great tips sheet from your day. Then decide what one or two tips you’re going to act on when you get into work on Monday. 

If you can’t get away for the full day you can follow activities on Friday 10, 2020 on Facebook at  MicroBizMatters Day page. Don’t be shy sharing it with your online community.

I look forward to seeing you at Micrcobiz Matters Day on January 10,2020!  

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