Where does your passion intersect with purpose?

How do you find time to pursue your passion?How do you find time to pursue your passion?

Are you living your dream? Do you jump out of bed ready for another exciting day? Where does your passion intersect with your purpose? Last time we spoke, I asked you a group of questions that are designed to get you excited. How did you feel answering the questions?

Did each question get you more excited about what you were writing? Did you feel vibrant and more alive as you worked your way through the questions? Do you want to know what the answers mean to your future? I have good news and bad news for you today. I can’t tell each one of you specifically what the answers mean without talking to you, but I can provide you an outline to help you determine if you’re living your life with passion.

I’ve asked these questions many times with clients who are deciding what’s next for their life and career. Like many of life’s bigger tests, they are self-scoring. Only you will know what they mean, and only you can decide when to act on your answers.  How you answered the questions puts you in one of three groups of people.

The first group are the people who got very excited about their answers. These people cannot believe how aligned their passion is with their purpose. They climb out of bed with energy, ready to take on the world. They feel like they accomplish something every day.  They are learners and creators and things just seem to always go their way.  

You may know people like this. You maybe are a person like this! The group makes up about 10% of the population. Your answers are the way you live your passion. People call you lucky, but you and I know that’s not true. You are unwilling to settle for what life gives you. You can turn every situation into another learning opportunity. You are constantly growing. 

The second group of people read the results and think they are almost there. They approach life with a tenacious attitude. They are always doing things to improve their situation. They have passion around what they do, but sometimes they feel disconnected from the outcomes they receive.

If you’re like this, the questions may provide you a roadmap to your next opportunity. Depending on where you’re at, you see many great things happening in your life, but need some help in connecting the dots. Your passion is something you share in part of your life, but you are not certain that you are always on the right path. When your passion collides with purpose you are enjoying life to the fullest.

Your solution exists in finding more ways to embrace your passion. You need to learn to trust your instincts more. You also need to stop listening to that little voice in your head who doesn’t embrace your greatness.  You and I both know you’re great. Now we just need to decide when to get started on living your passion! You are about 10% of the population. You need to get started.

Finally, the last group is the largest part of the test takers. You can’t believe I wasted your time with these questions. You know there is no way I can figure out who you are with these answers. You’re constantly looking for a silver bullet.

Many of your answers made you angry. You’re not certain why! You want to know why you should waste your time reading this blog anymore. These questions have nothing to do with your life, they never will. You feel frustrated and angry much of the time.

Your passion is something you do on weekends, but not that often. You’re looking for answers, but don’t know the questions. You are antagonistic and you don’t always know why. 

You get in arguments because they are the only time you feel alive! I have good news for you. You can just give up. You don’t need to waste your time reading my blogs or working on developing your passion. 

Eighty percent of the people in the world are in this last situation. They are unengaged and unempowered. They dislike their lives. They lash out at people who get to close.  Secretly, they want more passion in their lives.  Secretly, they despise people who belong to the other groups. Secretly, they have no idea what to do.

This is a self-scoring test. You know where you are right now. Do you want to stay there? It’s up to you!

Here’s what I can promise you. Over the next 11 months, I will do my part to help you move up a group.  I want to help put passion back in your life.

I want to challenge you to take the steps you need to lead a more passionate life. I can’t do it for you, but I can help you get to your next destination. If I can get one person to do it, I can get another and then another. I can’t do it alone.

You need to help me get the message out. What’s the benefit to you? Today, you can’t imagine how much more powerful you can be in your life. Invest 11 months of your life, do the work. You will not recognize the person you become!

Now review the questions. What would it take for you to be the person you were in your questions? Where does your passion lie? We’ll figure it out in the next 11 months and help you get to where you want to go!

See you next week!


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