Serving Leaders, are you focusing on your critical twenty percent?

Are you focusing on your critical twenty percent?Are you focusing on your critical twenty percent?
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How do you get the most out of your life? With all the changes facing serving leaders today, what can you do to be more successful doing what you love? Learn why great leaders focus on leveraging their critical twenty percent!

Are you ready to learn several ideas that can help you achieve your goals and dreams?

Many serving leaders don’t achieve the financial freedom they want because they are working too hard to get every client.

I hope to share a philosophy with you that can help you get more out of the time you invest in your business. It focuses on helping you with the twenty percent that creates a more valuable business.

I’ve worked with many great clients. They’ve shared many ideas and strategies to leading an extraordinary life. I almost feel bad accepting their money because they provide such incredible insights into what really works in the marketplace. Like I said, I almost feel bad about taking their money.

My clients expect me to help them grow the value of their businesses. In many cases, I help them grow by five to 10 times over the course of our working relationship. Many of my more successful clients have gone from smaller entrepreneurial businesses to successful businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars and beyond. What do they know that you don’t?

Let me tell you a secret.  When I work with clients, we don’t try to fix everything.  The basis of all my work with clients is I focus only on less than twenty percent of what they do in their business. Everything I do with clients is about the twenty percent of what they do that grows the value of the business. I have found that focusing on only twenty percent of what they do gets geometric returns on their time and resources invested.

Think about this: twenty percent of your clients provide you eighty percent of your business revenue. Twenty per cent of your clients provide you eighty percent of your profits. Twenty per cent of what you do every day makes your business more valuable.

On the bad side: twenty percent of your customers produce eighty percent of your headaches. Twenty per cent of your customers owe you eighty percent of your money outstanding. Twenty per cent of your team take eighty percent of your time and, more often than not, it’s your low performers. Finally, you enjoy only twenty percent of what you do every day. Eighty per cent of your daily activities are things you don’t do well, could be delegated to others, or shouldn’t be done at all.

So here’s the key question, what can you do to invest your time in the right activities? What if you’re not certain what you should focus your efforts on? Let me share what I’ve learned from my best clients. The twenty percent to concentrate your efforts on is revenue generation and growing your business. Increasing your revenue doesn’t make you better looking, but it can get you eighty percent of what you want to achieve. Over the next several blogs, I’ll share several ideas that help you have the freedom you want to do what’s important in your life.

The first rule of growing your business successfully is choosing the best clients. Most entrepreneurs fail to choose the best clients for their products or services. Depending on the industry you work in, the better you do at selecting clients, the easier it is to grow a great business. I’m sure you’re not surprised by this fact. The question I get from most of my clients is what defines my best clients.

I believe that most entrepreneurs don’t get what they want out of their life and business because they spend their time trying to satisfy everyone with their products and services. I believe focusing on your best clients helps you not only create the business of your dreams, but also provides you financial freedom.

This Friday, we will begin sharing several secrets of identifying your best clients for your products and services. See you Friday.

About the Author

Tripp Braden partners with entrepreneurs and senior executives on their high engagement C-Suite communication and content marketing strategies.

He believes client education is the best way of building trust and long term sustainable growth.

His consulting practice focuses on second stage entrepreneurs, technology organizations, and senior level business executives. Tripp partners with clients to develop high impact C-Suite communication and account based marketing strategies.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact Tripp at or send him an invite on LinkedIn. You can find Tripp’s business growth blog at Market Leadership Journal.

Tripp Braden – who has written posts on Developing Digital Sales Leaders.

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