Can Deepdive Help You Build More Productive Teams?

How can Deepdive help you transform your workplace?How can Deepdive help you transform your workplace?
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I attended the launch of a new social audio company this week.  Deepdive is a German company. I learned about how Deepdive is different from many of the other social audio platforms. Today I share my initial feelings and give you some resources so you can check out the platform.

But first, let me share an odd twist of fate. A friend sent me a copy of the book High-Impact Tools for Teams for my birthday. Stefano Mastrogiacomo and Alex Osterwalder wrote this book. Alan Smith and Trish Papadakos designed it.

When was the last time your enjoyed contributing to a team?

The book starts with a simple question “When was the last time you enjoyed contributing to a team? The timing could not be more amazing, given my involvement in the Deepdive launch. Here are several stats on the current state of teams:

  • 50% of meetings are considered unproductive and a waste of time. (Atlassian, You waste a lot of time at work infographic)
  • 75% of cross-functional teams are dysfunctional (HBR 2015)
  • 10% of team members agree about who is on their team (120 teams). This means 90% don’t know who’s on their team! (Diane Coutu Why teams don’t work HBR 2009)
  • 66% of U.S workers are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work (Jim Harter Gallup 2018)
  • 95% of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy (Robert Kaplan and David Norton “The Office of Strategy Management” HBR 2005)

These are staggering numbers for leaders to consider. Even if they are only half right, there is much work we need to do make our teams and organizations more successful.

Can Deepdive help engage and empower your teams?

You can see why I think we need better ways to engage and empower our teams. Many of us are working in a hybrid workplace. What have we learned as we’ve gone through the past 18 months of pandemic? You might want to read our recent article on What future trends are transforming our lives and businesses today?

I was very excited to learn more about how social audio can provide my clients an edge with their teams. I’ve been experimenting with social audio programs for the past 6 months. During this time,  I’ve been in over two hundred hours of meetings both large and small. I’ve been a moderator and a guest in a wide range of topics from emotional intelligence to business growth.

Deepdive leverages your communication’s strategy

Deepdive is a new social audio platform. Designed to help organizations leverage the social audio experience for their teams and many stakeholders. It integrates well with the LinkedIn platform. Their vision is to provide an alternative to many of the more public social audio platforms.

Not to say you can’t be on it socially, the topics and audiences have a more corporate feel. This could change as the platform opens up completely . You can find the Deepdive app here.

Introducing Deepdive to the world.

Deepdive has several experienced investors that help provide the leadership team guidance when needed. This should help accelerate their growth and market penetration. Here’s their launch press release from July 21.

So, what makes the app different from the many other social audio applications available for you to choose from? I think the headline from the press release says it all: Deepdive redefines social mentorship. Connects you with experts in audio rooms. 

Dmytro Boguslavskyy their CEO said “Deepdive is the first and only social audio platform that focuses on professionals and uses game-design to solve the retention problems of Clubhouse – it’s all about spurring personal and career growth.”

How to your reengage and empower your teams?

We’ve been working with a number of my clients on reengaging and empowering their organizations. The missing element was how do we make this work for a multi-generational workforce. I work with clients on a concept called edutainment to help hybrid workforces get better at working together in a hybrid culture. How do we create psychological safety in our hybrid, distributed work environments? As importantly, how do we get started doing it now.

Leveraging change to transform hybrid organization’s success.

In case you don’t know, I spent a large part of my early career in dealing with large scale organizational change with a number of leaders in the field. I worked in the quality movement with W. Edwards Deming.  I shared a platform on Emotional Intelligence with Cary Cherniss after 9/11 in Washington D.C. I trained in strengths based theory with groups as varied as Gallup, Martin Seligman on positive psychology, and David Cooperrider on Appreciative Inquiry. And you thought I was just another technology influencer!

Deepdive leverages communication to transform your organization.

Communication is the foundation of effective leadership

I want to get you thinking about what forms the foundation of effective leadership. I believe that leadership is about sharing the mission, vision, and values a leader can help bring to their organizations and many stakeholders.

My entrepreneurial clients share a similar perspective that as their role as CEO is about being a great Chief Education Officer. My best clients are great teachers and coaches. They focus on helping their teams grow both personally and professionally. This is why they get incredible results no matter what happening in the economy and world at large.  

How does Deepdive do this?

This platform moves information around the organization very quickly. It helps managers engage their teams. It provides structure and flexibility in ways many traditional medias do not. This new tool can help transform your workforce.

I walk you through the many advantages social audio apps can provide you in your organizations.  To do this effectively you need to stick around. I plan to share a wide range of use cases that demonstrate the flexibility that Deepdive can provide you.

Social audio accelerates social mentoring.

I will do it using social audio platforms and more traditional communication media. Over the next several weeks I can share how to use social audio as a communications channel and how, ultimately, it can help position your organization as employer of choice in your markets and communities.

You can find me either on Clubhouse or Deepdive at my name, Tripp Braden. I will be using both platforms to share ideas on how to leverage social audio.  Come join me.

See you next week   


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