Can Video Provide Your Sales Team a Competitive Advantage?

How can video and digital content transform your sales results?How can video and digital content transform your sales results?

Are you looking for a competitive advantage for your sales team? I believe that video can be a giant killer in your markets. My recent discussions with sales executives and their CEOs have convinced me video is a tremendous tool for your sales teams.

Major challenges facing sales teams in 2021

I’m not sure if you’ve seen these facts about challenges facing sales professional in 2021. These numbers have led to 40% of deals in the pipeline end in a no decision. Here are several numbers I heard at the last Sales 3.0 conference I attended earlier this year:

  • 91% of sellers have a difficult time getting the buyers’ attention.
  • 89% have technology challenges.
  • Forrester Research has found that 78% of executive buyers find current content does not meet their needs.
  • Most buying teams today have over 7 people involved in the deal from the client’s organization.

These numbers are staggering!  How do you shift them in your favor?

What can you do as a sales leader to change these numbers?

Here’s a question I use when I start working with clients. Let’s say we get together in three years in the future at the Sales 3.0 Conference.  You rush up to me and say, “Hey, Tripp. You cannot believe what has happened our sales since we attended Sales 3.0 together.

Accelerating growth coming out of pandemic

“Our company has grown by 10X, we hired a number of new sales professionals.  All of them have exceeded their numbers right from the start. I spend less time managing and more time coaching my team to greater success.  I could not have imagined this happening just three years ago.”

Enjoys his role in sales leadership again

He continues, “I really enjoy my sales leadership role now. I can even spend more time with my family. Between you and me, the extra money I’m earning has allowed me to send my daughter to a better college where she can study data science. Didn’t you used to teach at Case Western?”

So, what’s the secret? More importantly, can you duplicate it in your organization? The secret is they have started using video more throughout the sales process.

A mindset shift transforms sales results!

This sales manager is attending the Sales 3.0 Conference in April this year. He will hear Tyler Lessard of Vidyard talk about the many different things video can do for sales results. Video can help transform your sales funnel by providing you a new way to connect and engage your clients.

I’d like to believe the articles that I wrote sharing how to win more business by focusing on doing less made a difference to many sales professional. The mindset of creating your best clients has made a huge difference in how your organization builds community and engagement throughout the sales process. Having your own experts create specific video in partnership with sales and marketing changes the way we engage with our best clients.

Shifting your sales mindset

As you know I’ve always believed that many people who use social media have the mindset more is better. They look for big numbers on their videos on YouTube.  Anything less doesn’t meet their expectations.

I believe in targeting messaging to your best clients. I work extensively with clients to help them attract their best clients. Focusing their efforts  can help them accelerate their results. This may mean repelling people who would waste your time and valuable resources. Video allows for increasing personalization through the sales process.

How can sales professionals use these tools?

Tom Bradshaw, a presenter on one of my recent VC Mastery online video conference, shares it this way “Many business leaders believe using video to communicate with their clients and employees is no different from speaking to a live audience. That’s why so many fail.

Why? “First of all, a video has a different psychological effect and if you don’t know how to connect with the video audience, they tune out quickly. Secondly, being authentic on camera takes knowledge and skills and without authenticity, you have no credibility.” 

Is video the future of sales?

Will your message standout? Are you authentic? B2B Sales leaders should consider how to build connection one client at time. Today’s customers are not looking for perfection  in your videos. Just you! Video can help you develop deeper connections to your many stakeholders.

There is so much noise that many modern buyers expect on demand video content to help them connect and learn. Having video content supporting individual sales people’s efforts increases engagement and connection with your potential clients.  

How can virtual meetings give your sales team an edge? Check it out!

At the Sales 3.0 Conference on April 21 and 22, 2021, Tyles Lessard  of Vidyard shares several ways to adapt to the new digital reality. He plans to share how to create and use:

  • Video emails
  • Personalized video messages
  • Video based demonstrations

Tyler also shares additional visual content that can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. It’s going to be a great presentation. I’ve seen him present before!

Best of all, I’ll be taking notes and sharing them here after the event. Sign up today. Make it easier for yourself and order a copy of the recordings. They can let you attend the event after the event.

What about Clubhouse?

A new social media platform that is audio only has started to get significant traction with entrepreneurs. For many smaller sales teams it may challenge video over time as the choice for a community building platform.

You’ll find it fascinating and profitable to know more. Clubhouse has gone from 2 million to 10 million people since I signed up. That’s just in the past 75 days.  

Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horiwitz has invested 100 Million dollars in it as well. You can learn more at Clubhouse picks up new funding at $1B valuation.

I will discuss this topic in my Clubhouse “The Truth About Marketing” discussion where we meet every Monday at 2:00 EST to discuss different topics with many different sales and marketing professionals from around the world.

The Truth about Marketing on Clubhouse focuses on how entrepreneurs can compete and win in their competitive markets. I’d love to hear you there.

Next week we talk about Clubhouse on Market Leadership Journal and how organizations are successfully leveraging it to build stronger relationships with clients and partners. Many people have asked me about Clubhouse. I’ve spent the last 90 days learning about what works and what doesn’t.

See you next week!

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